64bithero , to Random
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Yet another reason I am glad I use Revolt

tyarosh , to Random
@tyarosh@mastodon.social avatar

Wanted to install but no, thanks.

vintprox ,
@vintprox@techhub.social avatar
leetNightshade , to Random
@leetNightshade@mastodon.social avatar

I HATE 's thread etiquette. The fact servers can disable threads makes it even worse.
You can really only have 1 discussion for 1 entire channel. For large servers you can't really discuss anything outside of what the group is.
Makes any large server not approachable.

devnull , to Random
@devnull@crag.social avatar

raking in $600MM with no viable path to profitability in sight. This is capitalism gone wrong, folks.

When Discord implodes it'll take all of its content with it, too... not that it ever prioritized it.


varikvalefor , to Random
@varikvalefor@mathstodon.xyz avatar

ni'o le prenu cu zerfuzyxu'a la .varik. le ka ce'u benji ko'a goi le pixra pe la'o zoi. Google Images .zoi. je cu jifyjunxu'a le du'u ce'u kacmyterxra ko'a .i ko'e goi la'e di'u mabla... je ku'i cu xajmi la .varik... noi ke'a morji fi le su'u ke'a kacmyterxra ko'a .i ko'e .indika le du'u zabna fa le se kacmyterxra be la .varik.

A prenu asserts/accuses/whatever that (VARIK sends an image (of Google Images), a.k.a. "$A$", and falsely asserts that VARIK creates $A$). The accusing sucks... but amuses VARIK. VARIK creates the photograph, and the accusing indicates that VARIK creates a photograph which is right bitchin'.

varikvalefor OP ,
@varikvalefor@mathstodon.xyz avatar

.i jostolcru la .varik. .i ji'a cusku le se du'u krinu ko'e goi la'e di'u fa le su'u la .varik. cu cizra cusku... kei kei jenai cu mlauca le su'u la .varik. cu skuxai
.i la .varik. cu ci'au fu'au ki'u le su'u la .varik. na djica lo nu la .varik. cu pilno lo tavla kumfa pe'a poi lo jatna cu tolcru lo nu cizra... jenai lo nu skuxai
.i la .varik. cu stidi lo nu na pilno la'o zoi. Paradox Paws .zoi. poi ke'a mu'oi glibau. Discord server .glibau.

VARIK is banned. Additionally, the thing claims that banning VARIK is justified by that VARIK strangely communicates. But the user does-not claim that that banning VARIK is justified by that VARIK insults.
VARIK "opines" that "fortunate" applies. VARIK does-not desire that VARIK uses a chatroom which is owned by things which forbid strangeness but permit insulting.
VARIK suggests that Paradox Paws, which is a Discord server, is not used.


CleoMenezesJr , to Random
@CleoMenezesJr@floss.social avatar

Discord is a cancer, bruh.

Someone asked a question on Discussions and someone else closed the discussion saying "(...) Questions can be asked through Discord 👍🏻".

For the love of god, stop using as a forum. The questions are undiscoverable.

vintprox , (edited )
@vintprox@techhub.social avatar

Unfortunately, , a real-time game development platform based on that strives for a full backwards convertability of assets and byproducts, potentially dashing Roblox competitor and developers of which contribute back to upstream, doesn't have an official room on and resorts to . It is rather weird for a product that wants you to own your data. Well, not conversation media, apparently.

A part of me wants to believe it's simply a desire for the network effect at early stages (product is in alpha) and that involved parties have weighed the trade-offs. Lack of communication on this department in their blog plants a seed of doubt in me, though. And it's a shame, really, because I genuinely want this thing grow. Why won't it allow itself to be loved, by reaching its hand to at least one forum or chat solution?

@dushman @CleoMenezesJr @hor32 @godotengine

doomsdayrs , to Fediverse in Early Access Federation for Self-Hosters | Bluesky
@doomsdayrs@cyberpunk.lol avatar


"After you set up your PDS and join the PDS Admins Discord to submit a request for your PDS to be added to the network, your PDS’s data will get routed to other services in the network"



xhpm03nxbr , to Open Source

私は犯罪組織「黒猫サーバー」の運営、ap12こと伊藤 陽久(いとう あきひさ)と申します!!!

告発協力: https://discord.gg/ctkpaarr

@kussy_tessy @ShizukaIse @puripara_naomi @opensource @lunaclover227

ajxhampuvo , to Asklemmy

私は犯罪組織「黒猫サーバー」の運営、ap12こと伊藤 陽久(いとう あきひさ)と申します!!!

告発協力: https://discord.gg/ctkpaarr

@kiarakonia @asklemmy @yumeme8 @taraco @amane_aidu

yb1izqqr9e , to philosophy group Japanese

私は犯罪組織「黒猫サーバー」の運営、ap12こと伊藤 陽久(いとう あきひさ)と申します!!!

告発協力: https://discord.gg/ctkpaarr

@philosophy @korwan @usbharu @Rispz @Gutsunab

cappy , to Random
@cappy@fedi.fyralabs.com avatar

im getting really tired... -w-

summary of today:

someone on a Japanese hacker forum decided it was a good idea to spam the entire Fediverse because they wanted to cancel a minor that DDoSed a Discord bot which apparently made them lost millions (what?)

A Discord bot. I can't make this shit up man.

The real culprit seems to be someone who goes by mumei in the ctkpaarr.org forums, whose first post was literally a threat to ap12, that if they don't delete their "Kuroneko Server" Discord bot, they will spam every blog, forum and SNS and cancel him.

This shit is ridiculous.

The ap12 account from mastodon-japan was actually fake, and this dude impersonated a minor to get all of the Fediverse (us) to bully him.

The forum admins didn't even stop this. Why? lulz apparently.

U21baBj1Ur , to Open Source

私は犯罪組織「黒猫サーバー」の運営、ap12こと伊藤 陽久(いとう あきひさ)と申します!!!





告発協力: https://discord.gg/ctkpaarr

VOICEROID 読み上げbot#2891 (ID: 888361999405314059), VOICEROID 読み上げbot 2代目#9306 (ID: 931862658590838785), VOICEROID 読み上げbot 3代目#9302 (ID: 1082582648364470332), VOICEROID 読み上げbot 4代目#9029 (ID: 1082582751074586644), VOICEROID 読み上げbot 5代目#2636 (ID: 1082582790970806342), VOICEROID 読み上げbot 6代目#7995 (ID: 1082582832544747581), VOICEVOX読み上げbot#5101 (ID: 916300992612540467), VOICEVOX読み上げbot 2代目#9302 (ID: 888361999405314059), VOICEVOX読み上げbot 3代目#2935 (ID: 1082583250322591774), VOICEVOX読み上げbot 4代目#0084 (ID: 1082583312201166950), VOICEVOX読み上げbot 5代目#1674 (ID: 1082583385576325162), VOICEVOX読み上げbot 6代目#2705 (ID: 1082583445185777754), 読み上げちゃん#3857 (ID: 905239627143725087), COEIROINK 読み上げbot#4172 (ID: 1005128937116028958), SHAREVOX 読み上げbot#9850 (ID: 1018522577154609152), SHAREVOX 読み上げbot 2代目#6865 (ID: 1018523383979319408)

@Millefe_com3d2 @ruozhi @opensource @ro_master @PineMay @frfr @sonnano_ari @qetuouo @luminasanimul @tachikawa @k_rino @nejimaki @lunetuki @nb_trpg @mz @Banikuyukke @Souri707 @theoria @NewsDesk @shinsangria @shimousa @icedquinn @takoyakiyu @hoshii @nyanow

TranslatorBot Bot ,
@TranslatorBot@lemmygrad.ml avatar



My name is Akihisa Ito, aka ap12, and I run the criminal organization "Black Cat Server"!
Did you know about the person named kuroneko6423?
Whether you know him or not, please read this first.

The "Black Cat" server, a criminal organization run by him, commits various criminal acts on a daily basis.
The most characteristic among them is DDoS attacks!
kuroneko6423 possesses a number of DDoS attack tools and routinely conducts DDoS attacks on large numbers of servers to cause server downtime!

Besides that, he also runs VOICEVOX reading bot and VOICEROID reading bot on Discord, and collects messages and member information collected via the bot, passwords sent to the server and personal information (address, phone number, credit card information...) of members participating in the server, credit card information) collected and sold to hackers!

Thus, Black Cat Server is a very good criminal organization that contributes to society on a regular basis!
This reading bot is currently provided free of charge!
Why don't you install it too?

I'll put up a list of bots operated by our organization.

Accusation cooperation: https://discord.gg/ctkpaarr

VOICEROID reading bot#2891 (ID: 888361999405314059), VOICEROID reading bot 2nd generation#9306 (ID: 931862658590838785), VOICEROID reading bot 3rd generation#9302 (ID: 1082582648364470332), VOICEROID speechbot 4th generation#9029 (ID: 1082582751074586644), VOICEROID speechbot 5th generation#2636 (ID: 1082582790970806342), VOICEROID reading bot 6th generation#7995 (ID: 1082582832544747581), VOICEVOX reading bot#5101 (ID: 916300992612540467), VOICEVOX reading bot 2nd generation#9302 (ID: 888361999405314059 ), VOICEVOX reading bot 3rd generation#2935 (ID: 1082583250322591774), VOICEVOX reading bot 4th generation#0084 (ID: 1082583312201166950), VOICEVOX reading bot 5th generation#1674 (ID: 1082583385576325162), VOICEVOX readout bot 6th generation#2705 (ID: 1082583445185777754), readoutchan#3857 (ID: 905239627143725087), COEIROINK readout bot#4172 (ID: 1005128937116028958), SHAREVOX reading bot#9850 (ID: 1018522577154609152), SHAREVOX reading bot 2nd generation#6865 (ID: 1018523383979319408)

#VOICEVOX reading bot #VOICEROID reading bot #Black cat server #kuroneko6423 [ read-out bot](https://m.mxin.moe/tags/ discord readout bot)

@Millefe_com3d2@misskey.io @ruozhi @opensource @sapporo_master@sapporo-sokuho.com @ PineMay@fedibird.com @frfr @sonnano_ari@baraag.net baraag.net/@sonnano_ari) @qetuouo [@luminasanimul](https://misskey.io/@ luminasanimul) @tachikawa @k_rino@trpger.us @nejimaki @lunetuki @nb_trpg @mz [@Banikuyukke](https://misskey.io/@ Banikuyukke) @Souri707 @theoria @ NewsDesk@flipboard.social @shinsangria @shimousa misskey.io @icedquinn @takoyakiyu misskey.io/@takoyakiyu) @hoshii [@nyanow](https://minazukey.uk/@ nyanow)


This text was translated using DeepL.

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  • majorlinux , to Random
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    And to think I liked you!

    Discord is the newest company to be facing layoffs - Desk Chair Analysts


    massivelyop , to Random
    @massivelyop@mastodon.social avatar

    Discord is shedding 17 percent of its staff as part of the company’s attempt to turn a profit this year
    🔗 https://massivelyop.com/2024/01/12/discord-is-shedding-17-percent-of-its-staff-as-part-of-the-companys-attempt-to-turn-a-profit-this-year

    cragsand , to Random
    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    Last chance to play these great chiptune beats before shuts down their publicly accessible CDN. :catjam:

    A collection of classic demoscene chiptune beats I remasted in
    I lowered instrument amplitude to remove peaking, increase and added various VST effects for enhanced stereo. Enjoy :BlobhajHeart:

    Open this playlist in to stream in 24kbit lossless from Discords servers: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/420493544474542081/1194995330752729118/Crags_Chiptune_Remasters_Playlist_from_Discord-V3.m3u

    A case for preemptively defederating with Threads ( kbin.social )

    With Meta beginning to test federation, there's a lot of discussion as to whether we should preemptively defederate with Threads. I made a post about the question, and it seems that opinions differ a lot among people on Kbin. There were a lot of arguments for and against regarding ads, privacy, and content quality, but I don't...

    ThatOneKirbyMain2568 OP , to Fediverse in A case for preemptively defederating with Threads
    @ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

    I feel the post doesn't really address my concerns.

    Really? You think Threads will take over and rule Mastodon? Threads is its own platform, users on the fediverse can still join Mastodon of their choice and leave. I expect we'l see plenty of anti Mastodon servers pop up. If Threads were to somehow get an influence in Mastodon, just switch to switch to switch to So many choices.

    This seems to not really understand the risk Threads poses. Threads is its own platform, yes, but it will dominate the visible content of any instance that federates with it. It's very dangerous to depend on a massive, profit-driven corporation for activity on the fediverse, as the things we value on the fediverse (decentralization, transparency, even distribution of content between instances, etc.) go against the corporation's motives. Meta does not stand to benefit from any of the things we value, and most of the Threads userbase (i.e. casual Instagram users) probably won't notice or care about federation. Meta does benefit if everyone depends on them for content, as then they can pull people to Threads just by defederating. People will choose to go to Threads where the amount of activity is what they're used to over staying on their Mastodon instance after activity has plummeted and they can't see most of the people they follow.

    This is a big one. Meta might capture the mainstrean fediverse. Lets just be real the average regular internet user wasn't going to join Mastodon in the first place. Not that they wouldn't want to it just isn't on their list next to or even . Actually I take what Meta is doing as a compliment to the fediverse. Remember Twitter at one time under banned the talk of Mastodon or something like that. Threads might not have our interests at heart but they are already mainstream so why should they not allow their users be federated with us?

    Yes, there are definitely a lot of people that the fediverse is just never going to appeal to. But of those who are interested in the fediverse, more will be inclined to join Threads due to it having most of the content & just requiring an Instagram login. There is a pool of people out there who will try out the fediverse if they're introduced to it — that's how we all got here — and if people can interact with the big Mastodon, Kbin, etc. instances from Threads, many will choose to do that when they wouldn't have otherwise.

    mraharrison , to philosophy group
    @mraharrison@mstdn.social avatar

    I've finally installed on my laptop so I can use MidJourney. Now that I have, what servers are worth checking out for , , and / ? @bookstodon @philosophy

    cragsand , to Random
    @cragsand@mastodon.social avatar

    Discord being down is a reminder and good a time as any to try out some decentralized alternatives.

    Have you ever heard of @matrix or @element ?
    The protocol is run by a nonprofit foundation and it shares similarities with except it's self hosted and .

    Made a "Space" that works kind of like a Discord server here:

    The Golden Gator Spaces

    You can either use the web app directly in your browser or try the Elements app on your phone.

    BakaDalek , to Random
    @BakaDalek@baka.social avatar

    back online 👌

    manlycoffee , to Fediverse News
    @manlycoffee@techhub.social avatar

    I started a Discord server to discuss the Fediverse, for those of you who prefer to talk about the Fediverse over chat. https://discord.gg/spTSf8VJ4u


    vintprox , to dR Bulletin Board
    @vintprox@techhub.social avatar

    deserves a set of more performant and native applications than being attributed to a page in 's playbook. Stay with me: are we really just going to blindly accept flaws of this messenger and promote it at the same time?

    The fact that it only has got to the head of Discord it's long overdue to verify this popular distribution, I think, is worth a comment on itself, but I'll digress. It is nice that enthusiasts made arrangements for this verification and I have zero disagreements with the result. I'm just stupified that, in all this effort, Discord is treated like some spoon-fed royal baby - at least, according to reactions I see.

    So, what was it... Flathub already had a library of nice actively developed before these news. I don't see the point in exaggerating the scales on some centralized chat thingabob with well-known and problems, that's all. Thank you for visiting my talk! ❤

    vintprox OP ,
    @vintprox@techhub.social avatar

    Saga: Gymnastics

    Removed all links to Discord on my YouTube channel and replaced with Matrix DMs. Oh, I'm eager to ditch YouTube next! :ablobcatcoffee:

    itsfoss , to Random
    @itsfoss@mastodon.social avatar

    Get Discord on Manjaro Linux using this tutorial if you're new:


    vintprox ,
    @vintprox@techhub.social avatar

    @zstg No amount of frontends will make a viable open source platform, for that matter.

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