housepanther , to random avatar

Are there any experts that could offer some points as to how to troubleshoot a cron job not even running? I know I have my crontab successfully setup and that cron is at least trying to call the script but the script never runs.

melroy , (edited ) avatar

@housepanther I use Gmail with postfix as a relay to sent email out. Works great for me. I advise to checkout my configs:

appassionato , to bookstodon avatar

Linux System Administration for the 2020s: The Modern Sysadmin Leaving Behind the Culture of Build and Maintain

The book begins by reviewing the foundational blocks of Linux and can be used as a brief summary for new users to Linux and the OpenSource world.


nixCraft , to random avatar

Shellcheck finds bugs in your , , , amd shell scripts A must tool for CLI and scripting geeks.

governa , to random avatar

The Kernel Preparing To Drop Infrastructure For Old & Obsolete Graphics Drivers

nixCraft , to random avatar

Memorable events in history 😎👇

BrodieOnLinux , to random avatar

Firefox Finally Abandons Mercurial For Git

nekohayo , to random avatar

Why is it that on OSes, even with its early OOM and no swap file / no swap partition (because I have 24 GB of RAM, yo), a runaway memory leak will trash the hard drive with IO for 30 minutes before finally doing what the OOM killer was supposed to do (or until the user power cycles the computer in exasperation)?
Why the heck does this touch storage drives, when there is no swap file/partition?

irfan , to random

Just discovered , for installing and running on the . I know that you can install Genshin on the Steam Deck using the official launcher/installer manually, but when I'm able to get myself a much larger SD card, I'm curious to test this thing out to see if it's any better/easier. On (), you can install as a though you'd need to add their own Flatpak repo first as they're not available on .



November Plasma 6 update (

Probably the big news is that we released the Plasma 6 Alpha today! What does that mean? Well, go read this blog post by David Edmundson to find out! In a nutshell, you should try out the Plasma 6 Alpha out using one of these distros (or by building it yourself using kdesrc-build) if you’re an adventurous person who has a...

nixCraft , to random avatar

My solution when someone asks for help about troubleshooting windows 😜

NumbersCanBeFun , to linux avatar

OpenTTD is one of my favorite Linux Mint applications. Not only is it absolutely free to play but it’s pretty straightforward to get into. Let’s take a look together if you haven’t checked it out before!

OpenTTD (Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe) - Linux Mint

schizanon , to tech

I still think there needs to be an OS-level way to see which of the I have installed are and which were installed from an like or the .

are different from and apps are different from the that corpo app stores peddle.

I need to manage these different kinds of apps differently.

NumbersCanBeFun , to linux avatar

New to ? The software manager is always my first stop. Can't compute without a few computer programs eh?

Software Manager - Linux Mint

NumbersCanBeFun , to linux avatar

I'd really like the perspective from someone who is new to using Linux. What kind of "how too" videos would really help you out in a pinch? Don't worry if it's mundane, I'm open to any suggestions.

NumbersCanBeFun , to linux avatar

I’m not quite where my footing is as far as my content is concerned but I’m passionate about Linux. This gives me an excuse to showcase some of my favorite software.

Guake Terminal Application - Linux Mint

davidrevoy , to random avatar
mausmalone , to random avatar

Every once in a while I'm tempted to try to move my daughter over to and shit like this is why. She's a smart kid. I'm sure she can pick it up.

david_megginson , avatar

@mausmalone My kids grew up with Linux -- they struggled to learn Windows and MacOS later on when they had to use them for school or work.

None of the 3 major desktop OS's is inherently more difficult than the others; it's just a matter of which you become familiar with first (though I find Linux a little easier to set up than Windows or MacOS because I don't have to search all over the web for peripheral drivers).

reginagrogan , to random avatar

What’s interesting about being a woman is that:

I feel I cannot win.

If I dress like a developer which I’ve worn hoodies to conferences that’s shamed, but if I dress feminine, it is sexualized.

Sometimes, it feels like everything I’ve ever done in my life is reduced like:

science innovation? Naw, bewbs.
Kindness? Naw, bewbs
? Naw, bewbs
Don’t care, bewbs

I am a multifaceted person. Why can’t that be recognized?

nixCraft , to random avatar

How do users and communities of various distributions interact with each other? :) 😅

codemonkeymike , to random avatar

Ok folks. If you were building a Linux gaming PC (mainly steam) what distro would you install?

ChimeraOS, Nobara, something else?

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