dirkpaul , to boeken Dutch
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For me, as a fan and a (kind of) fellow musician, very interesting, but it seems to be it could’ve been a little shorter.



simonemargio , to random
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Okay, maybe it's excessive, but is it normal ‘to get pumped up’ listening to old cartoon songs? 🎵

Gee, forget about the latest hits.

mythopoetica , to 3goodthings
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  1. Yummy mutton biryani and iced masala chai for lunch.
  2. Jessica Pratt's new single. I can't wait for the new album!
  3. Cautiously good academic-publishing-related news in my inbox this morning. Not set in stone because there's always peer review but still a good start to the day.

Have a good weekend, everyone!



mythopoetica , to 3goodthings
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for a deadline-ridden

  1. Music: The Shins, Fleet Foxes, boygenius, Andy Shauf
  2. Apple-flavoured demisoda (Korean soda brand)
    3.Feeling my deadline-related ducks are somewhat in line although I'm panicking anyway!


litteracarolina , to histodons
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TheConversationUS , to histodons
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100 years ago, a group of New York City concertgoers gathered in midtown Manhattan’s Aeolian Hall for “An Experiment in Modern Music.”
The impresario had commissioned a new work by a 25-year-old Jewish-American upstart named George Gershwin.
“Rhapsody in Blue” is one of the best-known works of the 20th century – but it’s also something of a whitewashed version of Harlem’s vibrant Black scene
@histodons @jazz

samlitzinger , to random
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I’m really looking forward to seeing this documentary about composer Ennio Morricone. I think he was a genius.


constantorbit , to bookstodon
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Recommendations on a good biography of Billie Holiday? 🙏


ajsadauskas , to popheads
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Taylor Swift derangement syndrome

In this satirical clip, the internet's busiest music nerd exposes the truth about TayTay:



mythopoetica , to 3goodthings
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on a super hot day and Lunar New Year Eve

  1. Iced Coffee is always extra delicious on hot afternoons.
  2. Alll the dragons and dragonlings on . Yess.
  3. The music of has been keeping me company all day.


sapiens , to random
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Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant - Inventories of Chant Sources | Cantus Manuscript Database

"Cantus is a database of the Latin chants found in manuscripts and early printed books, primarily from medieval Europe. This searchable digital archive holds inventories of antiphoners and breviaries -- the main sources for the music sung in the Latin liturgical Office -- as well as graduals and other sources for music of the Mass."

thomas , to geneadons
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Today's video takes a brief look at one of my musical ancestors, and I play my version of his favourite song on four ocarinas.

:youtube: https://youtu.be/Iry-9S9oX-4
:peertube: https://video.thomaspreece.net/w/e7i3fLEK5k4eaHaW6u13YM

@genealogy @geneadons

Em0nM4stodon , to random
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Fediverse Question 🎶👀:

I'm not a fan of YouTube,
and certainly not of Google (as you might have noticed...), but one thing I'm addicted to YouTube for is instrumental long playlists of music to work.
I. Need. It :blobcatheadphones:​🎵​

Since I'm always looking for new ways to deGooglelify my life:

Do you know of any PeerTube equivalent for this?
Are there any instrumental long playlists/mixes for work on any PeerTube instances?
Or maybe another Fediverse platform would be preferable for this?


Gooey0210 , to opensource in Preparing a megathread about android FOSS apps - Part Four (Keyboards, Notes, Maps and Music Players)


Florisboard is back!

Openboard is sadly outdated, but there was some steady updated fork

Simple keyboard (NOT the simple tools), but it doesn't have many fucntions, but works just great and looks on a million $


Many good options, but i would like to see an gpg encrypted notes with local storage

Honorable mentions: logseq, simple notes


Gmaps WV (donate to divest, plz), organic maps


Everything that works with jellyfin, bauh was good, but not updated in a while

fedora , to random
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Our last three talks look pretty intriguing!

  • Solving Communication Gaps with the Lost Art of Diagrams
  • Making Music with LMMS
  • Free Software and Open Data Standards in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Join on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUrTAyksmHA
Join in Element: https://creativefreedomsummit.com/

mythopoetica , to 3goodthings
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for a challenging

  1. Airfryer chicken nuggets because every now and then I am about 12 years old.
  2. Warbling along with Mitski on the commute.
  3. More book sales, and an increase in the visits to my site(s). The stats page is making me happy. As is


LibrarianRA , to random
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TengoHipo , to random
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What’s everyone’s favorite music playlist?

Mine is https://open.spotify.com/playlist/69fEt9DN5r4JQATi52sRtq?si=K69-ouNJS3CzQ_vFKAOBmw&pi=u-gb50LIDdQ_2F

Whenever I need something new to listen to I put this on.

cragsand , to random
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Last chance to play these great chiptune beats before shuts down their publicly accessible CDN. :catjam:

A collection of classic demoscene chiptune beats I remasted in
I lowered instrument amplitude to remove peaking, increase and added various VST effects for enhanced stereo. Enjoy :BlobhajHeart:

Open this playlist in to stream in 24kbit lossless from Discords servers: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/420493544474542081/1194995330752729118/Crags_Chiptune_Remasters_Playlist_from_Discord-V3.m3u

wholesomehimbo , to tech
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Hello ! I'm Simon. Haven't had a social media account in over a year. Kept getting recommended Mastodon so I'm giving it a go!

Just here to share thoughts, get smothered in cat pictures, meet and follow nice people, and try to make people smile

Would love to follow more people! Boosts & follows appreicated :BlobhajHeart:


MOULE , to random
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I'm excited to FINALLY present :GLHF: GLHF :GLHF: – an album soundtracking the Gamer Legion of Hasty Foxes!! 🦊

My 2nd album, it's gonna have 18 tracks – 6 I've already released, 6 leading up to the album, and 6 released in the album itself!

Prepare for a multi-genre electronic (and even metal!) ride through the gaming world of :OpDaMyZr: @OpDaMyZr, :Strattzr: @Strattzr, and :PWNZR: @PWNZR!

PRE-ORDER: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/moule/glhf-2

Promo video for my upcoming album "GLHF". It shows the album artwork of GLHF, showing three anthropomorphic cartoon foxes standing and wearing open dark grey vests fringed with orange, showing white t-shirts underneath with the GLHF hexagonal fox face logo, and black pants. They stand on a giant block with "GLHF" in block font written across it. From left-to-right – Strattzr, OpDaMyZr, and PWNZR (pronounced "pone-zur") respectively – they all wear different-patterned headsets with the numbers 15, 6, and 24 on them respectively. Strattzr thinks deeply while adjusts his headset standing in front of data graphs, OpDaMyZr jumps happily punching the air with his right fist, and PWNZR excitedly brandishes two ray guns in front of explosions, fireballs, and warplanes. Behind them all is an orange background showing computer circuitry with rays of light coming from the middle and a row of fire below that. In a slanted block font, the video says "GLHF ALBUM", "OUT ON 15-06-24" (with three animated faces of OpDaMyZr, Strattzr, and PWNZR), then shows the 18 tracks in the album, twelve of which are new. The final frame repeats the first two frames' information with a QR code linking to this track's pre-order page.

GigglyGoof , to random
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I'm just like every 60 year old man...

I like , , AND/or at least 5 days a week.
I like , , , and EVERY day.
I like , , , & listening/creating .
I love creating things that make people smile.
I know is keeping me alive.

Our lives should be shared in person. If you were passing through , I'd share some time and a meal with you.

  • G. Goof
HarkMahlberg , to random
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Someone tell Todd in the Shadows if he's gonna start listening to Japanese music, he has a lot of catching up to do:

Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love
Masayoshi Takana - All Of Me
Sheena Ringo - Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana
88 Kasyo Junrei - JOVE JOVE

This is secretly a cry for help.

sapiens , to random
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Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission

"It aims to extend the study of the dissemination of plainchant from localized research focused mostly on Europe and the Middle Ages to global research tracing transmission to other continents through to the modern era. "

dancingindystopia , to radiokapital Polish
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Okej, nagrałam audycję i powinnam dać radę zmontować ją przed niedzielą, więc mogę oficjalnie zapowiedzieć kolejny odcinek dancing in dystopia:

🔥 wtorek (drugi dzień świąt)
🔥 godzina 21
🔥 Radio Kapitał ( @radiokapital )

Do usłyszenia! I trzymajcie kciuki za montaż, bo nagrałam dużo za dużo 😅

dancingindystopia OP ,
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audycja 👺 dancing in dystopia: ta potworna kobiecość👺 już jest dostępna w archiwum ^_^"

„Grzeczne dziewczynki idą do nieba, a niegrzeczne wędrują” – Intan Paradamitha
„Wszystkie ludzkie społeczeństwa mają koncepcję potwornej-kobiecości, tego, co w kobietach szokuje, przeraża, straszy, odpycha” – Barbara Creed

🐉 Craig Wedren, Anna Waronker - No Return (Main Title Theme)
👺 [TŁO] SIERRA - She
🐉 Nova Twins - Athena
👺 Kaia Jette - Medusa
🐉 Rina Sawayama - STFU!
👺 Halsey - Experiment On Me
🐉 Halsey - I am not a woman, I'm a god
👺 clipping. - Body & Blood
🐉 WARGASM (UK) - Venom
👺 BONES UK - Beautiful is Boring


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