In 1992, following independence from the Soviet Union, an error in the new constitution of Estonia led to Torgu being left out. In response, the area's 500 inhabitants decided to form their own kingdom. (en.wikipedia.org)

Journalist and activist Kirill Teiter became its first monarch. The following year, the error was corrected and Torgu officially became part of Estonia. Nevertheless, the kingdom's flag and coat of arms can still be seen in the parish.

Lauren Boebert Offers To Personally Jerk Off Any Constituents She Offended (www.theonion.com)

WASHINGTON—In an effort to address voters hurt by recent actions that resulted in her being thrown out of a theatrical performance, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) announced Friday that she would personally jerk off any constituents she offended. “In the past week, I’ve heard from many supporters who were concerned by my...

Black girl at centre of Irish gymnastics race row ‘badly let down’, says ministry [video] (www.theguardian.com)

Video of the event in March 2022 shows a judge handing out medals for participation to a line of young gymnasts, but ignoring the only black girl. A photographer, coach and other officials fail to intervene. A mediation settlement reached with the family involved the judge taking anti-racism training.

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