haui_lemmy OP , to Autism in Do any of you meditate?
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Either go to !autism and put in search for „matrix“ or you use this:

rimu , to Random

I'm pretty happy with how tools for are coming along!

Moderators can:

  • delete & edit anything in community
  • ban people from community, and unban them.
  • review reports about content in that community
  • mark a report as resolved / ignored.

When a report is resolved or ignored, all reports regarding that content are also resolved. So if something receives 150 reports then mods won't need to click 150 times to resolve all reports. Ignored reports stop all future reports from being accepted.

The person who created the community can appoint other moderators.

Reports federate to and from so if a PieFed user reports some content that came from a Lemmy instance the moderators on the Lemmy instance will be notified about the content being reported.

There's still more to be done with federation of bans, a moderation log, etc. But it's shaping up nicely!



jumile , to Random
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Thinking back on my pre- experience, when "social media" took off, my engagement was little different to the shitlords who enjoy their status on those media. Economics says you get what you incentivise for.

But since starting this account, and others on other Fediverse sites (, , , etc), I've really got into the groove of being positive, ignoring or downplaying the negative.

It's how I want the Internet to be. Be (as in YOU) the change you want to see.

shellsharks , to cybersecurity
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Another installment of / ! Some awesome accounts below👇

If you're interested in following along in what is happening in the /c/cybersecurity community on infosec.pub () than you can follow @cybersecurity!

barbapulpe , to Random
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🇬🇧 We promote Fediverse. You too, become an actor of a world with more freedom, ethics and not controlled by few capitalist corporations!

Our portal: https://gayfr.online/en

Mastodon to replace X: https://gayfr.social

Pixelfed to replace Insta: https://pics.gayfr.online

Lemmy to replace R*ddit: https://links.gayfr.online

PeerTube to replace Y*tube: https://tube.gayfr.online

To share your pictures, links, posts, videos, or broadcast live...

Everyone sharing our values is welcome! Gay or not, French-speaking or not, SFW or not... and no fees, no ads.

Come and join us! Boosting help the wheel of freedom spinning...

Taffer , to Random
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I was going to mess around with Lemmy but I enabled 2FA yesterday, and somehow failed to update 1Password with the 2FA. So, I guess I've lost that account. 🤷

There were no recovery codes offered when I enabled 2FA. Sigh.

Taffer OP ,
@Taffer@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

I’m not actually upset or anything, just surprised. Security is hard.

The account was on the default instance, and I’d made 0 posts and 1 comment.

nutomic , to /kbin meta in /kbin is feeling great right now
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There was a bug with KBin some days ago where it would send huge amounts of federation activities to Lemmy instances which would overload them. To mitigate this, lemmy.world and some other instances had to block kbin.social. I believe the .world admins tried to get in contact with @ernest. You can read some more details here.

I would also suggest that you and Ernest join the Lemmy Admin chat on Matrix where this problem was found and discussed.

thegreybeardofthetree , (edited ) to Random
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tagging @mozilla @mozilla @firefox @firefox to see if this post shows up on .

Apparently your mastodon posts show up on Lemmy under the right circumstances (tagging a Lemmy community). 🤞

Edit: if I remove the tagging, will the post magically disappear from Lemmy too?

For mastodon users wondering about this, here's the corresponding Lemmy thread: https://lemmy.ml/post/13358920

Mastodon thread for Lemmy users: https://fosstodon.org/@thegreybeardofthetree/112120405122806398

Ref: https://social.vivaldi.net/@bittin/112118062570031583

thegreybeardofthetree OP ,
@thegreybeardofthetree@fosstodon.org avatar

@mozilla @firefox
Answer found: it is a reply to the original post!

Further, an upvote on is a boost on .

What's weird is that the boost seems to come from the community it was posted to, not the Lemmy user that upvoted it.

I wonder what happens when there are multiple upvotes ... Multiple boosts by the and community (e.g. @firefox)?

thegreybeardofthetree OP , (edited )
@thegreybeardofthetree@fosstodon.org avatar

Even better - you can see the whole thread from both and from . However, you only see the conversation, not upvotes/downvotes in mastodon, while you see votes too in Lemmy.

Edit: I tried to not tag @firefox this time to see if my reply showed up on Lemmy. It didn't.

Tagging so the Lemmy thread also shows the reply and pictures.

Edit++: so retroactive tagging doesn't work ☹️...nvm, it just took a bit of time to update!

++Edit++: pictures only show in the top post 😔

caos , to Fediverse in How does Sharkey compare to Mastodon?
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@caos @caos @jeze Small minus point for : the federation with is better from (it's best with (= this account)). This answer from Sharkey, for example, has not been received yet.

realcaseyrollins , to Movies and TV Shows
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I've been banned from @moviesandtv, so now all my entertainment posts on the side of the will be made on the community @Entertainment.

dangillmor , (edited ) to Random
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If you've ever posted anything on Reddit, your words are going to be sucked up into an "AI" database. The people who profit from this are Reddit and the "AI" company.

What do you get? Screwed, again, by tech companies that have pure contempt for your privacy and rights.


kbsez ,
@kbsez@postchat.io avatar


I really want to be done with Reddit like I am with the bird site but the alternative in just isn't working --- the other alternative is run by some unsavory characters so I'm not going there....

dragonsidedd ,
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Deadman , (edited ) to Technology
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How do I use this account on lemmy and vice-versa?
Is the upvote of lemmy the same as favorite of mastodon? (they do not sync) if not then what metric are these two uniquely gauged?

vrtxd , to Random
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  • mikesixgolf , to Random
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    BeAware , to Random
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    for the :

    Did you know, Fedi has it's own version of Reddit called Lemmy?

    And the best part, it's federated! It's a LITTLE janky, but it works pretty well!

    I found this very helpful article to show you how interaction between Mastodon and Lemmy works!


    LaGrange , to Random
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    Ok now I’m a little sad. I just recently found the Artifact app, and now it’s shutting down. What app do you all use to read various types of news on all kinds of topics?

    shellsharks ,
    @shellsharks@infosec.exchange avatar

    @LaGrange Here’s my “find news” strategy…

    • pure for manual curation (Got a lot of blogs here if you are interested https://shellsharks.com/infosec-blogs)

    • is slightly better since I get boosts in my timeline which with enough followed accounts turns into a kinda less-toxic “For You” algorithm

    • I use as my RSS platform and they suggest other blogs to sub to that are similar to ones that I already sub to

    • I’m also active on infosec-related / servers which feed me new stuff sometimes (though still not as effective as Reddit is/was when I was using it)

    • There’s some attempts at building algo’s on top of Mastodon as well as folks building curated lists ( being an example of the latter) that you could also look into.

    BeAware , to Random
    @BeAware@social.beaware.live avatar

    I wonder what happens when you mention 2 Lemmy communities in 1 Mastodon post.....I assume it only gets posted to 1, or am I mistaken?

    ArtBear , to Random
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    Where am I?
    Is this the ? What is the ? How do I ? Am I ? Do I ? Deja-vu with the ?

    Hi there👋
    This is a good place to be!
    My thread here condenses the key learning I've made so far about Fediverse, in case it helps others.

    Click this post if needed, scroll down, to read more below.👇

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