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What’s your favorite keyboard shortcut for , , and systems?
Mine is ^L and ^R

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There's a huge backdoor ( -2024-3094) allowing remote SSH access (as far as I can tell at this moment) caused by a util called affecting a ton of systems ( and , well not really) and it's causing quite a huge panic. I honestly don't know much about it just yet, but just sharing some pieces to read about the huge vulnerability.

The person who had maliciously planted this vulnerability into xz-utils, Jia Tan, has made at least 750 contributions to the project over the past 2 years. They even have direct push access to the code repo, allowing them to have pushed commits with forged authors. Being "free" from this vulnerability is not as simple as reverting to a previous version due to just how much and how long they've contributed to the project, and people are rightfully suspicious that this person might have hidden other backdoors in xz.

Unlike most other vulnerabilities, it's a lot harder to pinpoint versions affected by this but the most likely case is most systems out there have xz installed on their system that are impacted - which at this moment, the info being thrown around is any version past 5.3.1, 5.4.6, or 5.6.0 (latest is 5.6.1).





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    It may be the case that now is one of the BEST apps for (iPhone, iPad) and on hardware.

    If @ivory manages to include more services such as , and IVORY could become THE fediverse tool on Apple devices ... :-)

    One service that should be included is as alternative to ...

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    Wanted to install but no, thanks.

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    Java Users with Apple silicon (M1, M2 and M3) should be aware of that issue when updating to MacOS 14.4!

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • TCB13 , to Linux in I don't see the point of keeping OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 on my MacBook Pro, Core i5, software is so old SSL certificates are out of date, I can't update neither the stock software or any application avatar

    The point is.. actually there are multiple points:

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    macOS troubles with errno in ACL code - any ideas what the cause could be?

    Linux and FreeBSD (similar api as on macOS) seem OK.

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    Well, that escalated quickly.

    Paging @cstross because he'll fully understand the degree of gibbering madness that lies just ahead.

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    Do you, or have you ever, used a graphical user interface? If you use , , or any version of with a window manager or desktop environment, you can thank Dr. Clarence "Skip" Ellis.

    Dr. Ellis worked at Xerox PARC, the research organization that developed the modern GUI. Icons, windows, the mouse, Ethernet-based networking, laser printing - all of these (and more) came out of PARC. Dr. Ellis led the team that created Officetalk, the first program to use icons and the Internet. He got his start at 15 years old showing a local tech company how to reuse punch cards, which was a game-changer back in 1958.

    Oh, and he was also the first black man to earn a PhD in Computer Science.


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    macOS Sonoma is a 13.37GB download.

    That’s 15.5 times larger than Arch Linux…

    Over 6.5 times larger than EndeavourOS
    Over 5 times larger than Garuda, Linux Mint, Feren OS, Pop!_OS, Fedora, & Zorin
    Over 3 times larger than Ubuntu, Manjaro & Debian

    Over 2.4 times larger than…WINDOWS 11‽

    Are you feeling okay, Tim Apple?

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    Comment below! 😁

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    Schon im Dezember 2022 veröffentlichte der auch bei uns im mittlerweile wohlbekannte Entwickler @sindresorhus die auf dem quelloffenen -Modell basierende für , die sich auf -Macs verwenden lässt. Nun meldet sich der fleißige Entwickler mit einer Neuerung zu Amazing AI zurück: Die Anwendung ist jetzt auch für iPhones und iPads verfügbar.

    Alle Infos:

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    ftp deprecated. okay. what about scp? that is deprecated too. 🤡

    nixCraft , to Random avatar

    I have been using since 2004 and do not intend to stop anytime soon. You need to take it out of my dead hands. What about you?

    nixCraft , to Random avatar

    … technically not wrong but not 100% truthful about it either 😂 when in doubt don’t run unknown commands for the internet or LLM. Be careful.

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    Here is how to look at the PATH under , , or . Say find if JAVA_HOME or "games" dir in the path (bash/sh/ksh syntax):

    tr ":" "\n"<<<"$PATH" | grep games


    grep -o games <<<"$PATH"

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    Why is the MacBook Pro so expensive? 🤔

    kkarhan , avatar

    @Linux_Is_Best @nixCraft Exactly...

    is the "golden cage" of ecosystems...

    Some people may like cushy rooms with all walls , floors and ceiling padded - and that's fine...

    Others would happily pay €500 p.a. to get on non Apple - Hardware and without |es literally getting bricked by / updates...

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    Step 0: Open the / / / terminal app and type vim

    Step 1: Type :smile (Esc+:+smile)

    Step 2: You can thank me later.

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    Shellcheck finds bugs in your , , , amd shell scripts A must tool for CLI and scripting geeks.

    schizanon , to Technology avatar

    I still think there needs to be an OS-level way to see which of the I have installed are and which were installed from an like or the .

    are different from and apps are different from the that corpo app stores peddle.

    I need to manage these different kinds of apps differently.

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    Every once in a while I'm tempted to try to move my daughter over to and shit like this is why. She's a smart kid. I'm sure she can pick it up.

    david_megginson , avatar

    @mausmalone My kids grew up with Linux -- they struggled to learn Windows and MacOS later on when they had to use them for school or work.

    None of the 3 major desktop OS's is inherently more difficult than the others; it's just a matter of which you become familiar with first (though I find Linux a little easier to set up than Windows or MacOS because I don't have to search all over the web for peripheral drivers).

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    An interesting new feature that I've only just noticed has been added to @MonaApp:

    Adding an image from your Photos library to which you have already added a Caption (in Photos) automatically adds that caption as your image description/alt-text in Mona.

    The video shows this in action (nb the centre bit where I locate the photo has been edited to remove personal content).


    A video showing a photo in the Photos app. I swipe up to reveal the caption I have already added to that image. I swipe to open Mona and find and add this image to my post. It has an icon on it showing that alt-text has already been added. Tapping the image and then the Edit description button shows that the caption from Photos has automatically been added to the image. I swipe back and forth to the Photos app to show that this is the same description.

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    Privacy win: Starting today Facebook must pay $100.000 to Norway each day for violating our right to privacy.

    One must simply ❤️ Norway!

    Read more:

    freeopensky , avatar

    This is a goodnight step in the right direction.
    But I'm far more concerned about the users of the main operating systems.
    You can simply stop using products but we all depend on , , and .
    is definitely a mayor part of the solution, as well as Android .
    However, most people don't have the knowledge and/or will to use alternatives.

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