How to follow remote magazines?

You can search on other federated platforms/ websites for magazines (or users) you like to follow. For instance on: kbin.social.

If you found a remote magazine you like, copy the full name (Eg. @mymagazine@otherdomain). Then use the search button in the top right navigation bar and paste the magazine. Press the search icon or hit enter.
You are now following this magazine or user.

How to create a new account?

Go to the register page (open for registration). Creating an account is free.

Why /kbin?

/kbin is a federated is a microblogging and content aggregator all-in-one. Kbin allows you to post blog posts and read post from others. Or comment on them.

While threads are created in thematic categories called magazines. /kbin also allows you to follow those magazines. You can vote on threads and boost threads, to spread the thread on the network.

Customize look & feel

/kbin allows you to customize the look & feel pretty easily. Click on the settings gear icon on he right panel. And change the display settings accordingly.

Who is hosting this /kbin instance?

Melroy van den Berg

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