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@academicchatter I recently published something on my personal website for the first time, and accidentally bumped into some interesting data on the reach of .

I shared the content on first (November 1), and on the day after. On November 20 I edited the post here, leading to two new boosts.

My toot received 6 boosts and 7 stars; my tweet got 6 retweets and 38 hearts. Yet, in terms of website traffic the two dates of Mastodon activity outperform Twitter.

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@brekke @academicchatter

"in terms of website traffic the two dates of Mastodon activity outperform Twitter"

If I'm reading this correctly, I think this means that Mastodon users are more likely to visit a website and read the article (at least some of it) than X/Twitter users?


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Started to collect art on in a list a while back in order to spot them easier.

I used to bother reporting them but eventually gave up since they rarely if ever get banned. Checking the list its up to 184. Unfortunately I can't share the list in an easy way, as the site lacks exporting tools and making a private list public, the users will immediately block, removing them.

Since joining mastodon last year I've only come across one scammer here.

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Deleted my #X account because of its evil owner, so call me ex-X as I cross it out of my nice life here in ! Thanks to @dangillmor for the nudge. I'm a stickler anyway about living by :

I'm in the Commons instance, and we have free profiles like that include a link to the old blue bird of Twitter, and members are increasingly leaving, so our admins at @hello might want to reconsider having that item in the next version of profiles.

What can I do with all this new free time besides taking contemplative hikes in Kyoto? I'm still looking for a wide range of informants and academic colleagues, as I should have big news on in 2024. I'm looking for in fields such as , , with , , , and .

A little positive reinforcement goes a long way!


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How are services adjusting to the decline of , especially ? Are they giving Twitter mentions less weight? Are they tracking mentions in other social-media platforms? If so, which platforms? Where do they think academics are going? Do they have good data?


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Elon's "extremely hardcore" toxic work culture means people are forced to take Adderall without a prescription to meet their workload. Just ask SpaceX employees.

"Some SpaceX workers resorted to taking Adderall to keep up with the pace of work at the company's launch facility, and others found themselves falling asleep in the bathroom during long workweeks, a recent Reuters investigation found.

"Travis Carson, a former SpaceX worker at the company's facility in Brownsville, Texas, told Reuters some workers took Adderall — a stimulant designed to help people with ADHD improve their focus and concentration levels — without a prescription to keep up with the pace of work."


What a nightmare!

#X @technology

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Breaking Twitter

BREAKING TWITTER takes readers inside the darkly comic battle between one of the most intriguing, polarizing, influential men of our time—Elon Musk—and the company that represents our culture’s dearest hope for a shared global conversation. (sic!)


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NEW RESEARCH: The 2nd article in our research topic on Anti-Stigma
Communication ( was published a
few days ago. Richard Brown et al. take a close look on
communication on (former) about different conditions and

#X @communicationscholars @academicchatter

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”Mastodon failed.”

No, it did not. Tired of hearing this. According to who? In what?

I’ve seen platforms that ceased to exist over the years. I’ve seen social media companies getting acquired or going bankrupt. I’ve seen entire portals losing their users. The Fediverse keeps growing. How is this failing?

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@collectifission @rolle Sadly I believe it's a lack of knowledge and disinterest to learn or take the time to learn the difference in the first place.

When many hear "" they unfortunately associate that with crypto and there already, based on that incorrect first impression, you've lost a lot of people.

I've been trying to get my mutuals over to the but instead they tend to pick which could as easily follow a similar path of as .

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Elon went to the border to do an X livestream - things went even farther south, quickly!

Barely four minutes in, the video aburptly froze and the entire livestream crashed, raining on Musk's parade.

Musk then sent a brief company-wide email:

"Please fix this," he demanded.

I wonder if the last remaining Twitter engineer laughed before replying to his right-wing, radical employer? 🙄🤔

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Looks like there might be yet another mass-migration wave from Twitter to Mastodon on the way...

@technology #X

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Question for you multi-social media sites people: what is your favorite and why? Mine is definitely the and my account, it is by far the richest experience on social media. feels awkwardly half-dead, half-alive, while is mostly an American wasteland.

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Uh-oh! What if Musk gets another sternly worded finger wagging from regulators? He HATES those!
Musk’s X revokes paid blue check from United Auto Workers after strike called


Nerrad , to enoughmuskspam in #ElonMuskIsATraitor is Trending on the Platform He Paid $44 Billion to Buy avatar

The way things are going, pretty soon we’ll be able to start a to buy and put a instance on its domain.

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You already knew that is a great replacement for and can be used with . You also already knew that kbin was a great replacement for . But did you know that kbin can filter by and ; making it a great replace for and ? Learn more at:

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Prominent "free-speech absolutist" threatens to sue Jewish anti-hate group because it engaged in free speech he didn't like.

"Elon Musk has threatened to sue the Anti-Defamation League after accusing the civil rights group that campaigns against antisemitism and bigotry of trying to “kill” his X social media platform.

"The owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, said the ADL was trying to shut down his company by 'falsely accusing it and me of being antisemitic'."

If your list of enemies includes the ADL, then there's a more-than-reasonable chance that you're an anti-semite.


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My limit 😱
> Every Twitter account can follow up to 5,000 accounts. Once you reach that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before you can follow additional accounts.

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Since I am planning to delete my Twitter account soon, I am slowly deleting every post I made manually, so I can see what I posted (I also do not trust that they will delete the posts if I delete the account). A large portion of my replies are congratulating people on things like their newly published paper, graduating, getting a grant, etc. These kind of posts are what I miss about Twitter, and I hope more people come and post their successes on Mastodon.

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What do you think is the best way to encourage more academics to switch?

I don't know the answer, nor do I think people should be actively persuaded. Maybe just creating an inviting alternative environment on Mastodon is enough, but the risk there is you never reach a network effect / gravitational pull.
@yetiinabox @academicchatter

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Thank you for following us on Twitter/X!

We've had an energetic summer, filled with presentations and positive reviews… phew!

Now, it's time to move forwards, with new ideas and even more tech!

@bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @physics @strucbio

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@nmronline @bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @physics @strucbio Many chemists left or were permanently suspended by long before it became . 🤷🏻‍♂️

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'Concerns about the decline of X as a source of reliable information extends beyond the scientific and academic communities. During the apparent coup attempt in Russia in June, journalists noticed its relative uselessness at helping them find real-time, breaking information from the ground and sifting fact from fakery, due in part to Musk’s trashing of its account verification system.'

gpollara , avatar

This 👇 is the key passage to me. Sadly no one wins from the that's come from the decline of / #X

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For years, the media built up Elon Musk and got the public to buy into the myth of his genius. Now the truth of who he is can’t be hidden and changing how they cover Musk isn’t enough.

The media failed us. They not only need to inform the public about the harms of Musk’s empire, but change how they cover the entire tech industry so another grifter can’t replicate his rise. They owe us nothing less.


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