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Very happy to attend to @imarfisi (Accreditation to supervise students) defense!

You can attend online (switch off your cam' and mic'):

@sgeorge @siksal

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It's already the last part! @imarfisi is focusing on what's coming next. And it is about .

@edutooters @sgeorge @siksal @lpoisson @framaka @lelibreedu

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Because of the antenna issue on firefish I spent the last few days testing other software...

What I discovered is basically I didn't understand how federation works and it actually works a lot worse than I thought ​:blob_notlikethis:​

I thought it was something like: if your server is connected to, your server will pull

It's actually that if your server is connected to, it will only pull posts from people that are followed by people on your server from, and posts boosted by those people.

This makes the antenna issue a lot less important because realistically if I want to discover other artists and other esperantists who aren't already known to me, I basically need to have an alt on to follow those hashtags to identify new people for my main account to follow.

Why not just move to mastodon? Well, *key instances have the feature set that I am interested in using for my actual posts. Aspects of fedi-culture which stress other people out like alt-text do not really bother me... needing to keep my posts within 500 characters, and being unable to react with an appropriate emoji is what stresses me out ​:blob_sweats:​

I guess this leaves a question: why not a better federated misskey instance? Well, I feel comfortable here.

Also tbh learning that this is how federation works makes the constant defederation drama on here even more inexplicable. Users receive posts from awful people in timelines because someone in your group is following awful people or someone one of you follow is boosting awful people. Awful people find users to harass thru well federated servers like same as I will find more artists to follow thru there. The only way out of that is allow-listing rather than block-listing is my guess.

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My FediWatch tool is still in very alpha stage, but if you feel lucky, try out and watch our instance communicate with the rest of the Fediverse :)

(server-to-server communication only - user data is not analyzed!)

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This tool lets me monitor the federation traffic from/to my Mastodon instance

You can clearly see the other server locations - mainly in the US and Europe.

The tool is not ready for the public, but once it's finished and stable, I'll let you know :)

Video is showing a 3D globe in a web browser. Colorful arcs across cities in the globe show active ActivityPub connections.

dansup , to random avatar beta launch is right around the corner 👀

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I've been struggling with / for awhile now, it's been disheartening. I've been trying to be more active about following various users and domains in hopes that more content will to the I moderate. However, it hasn't really proven to be helpful. In some cases, I can't even find particular instances that users post from via kbin. I can find the instance by going to the page itself, but I suppose it may just take more time than I thought? In some cases, trying to follow a user takes me to an error page, and repeated attempts prove unsuccessful. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it's rather confusing when I can see posts from a given instance, yet can't search for the instance itself to federate more content. I've tried asking about it, and no one seems to know or be able to help. Searching the fediverse for information is also difficult due to the noise I have to sift through.

With that said, I know there's other stuff to consider: Ernest is planning a big update for kbin, some instances have restricted federation with kbin due to moderation not properly federating to other communities, and kbin being a younger platform than /mastodon. I'll try to be patient, there's just some features that I really hope mature soon as there are features I'd like to use, but can't yet. Also, before this gets misconstrued again like it has in the past, I am still enjoying my time on kbin and support Ernest's efforts in regard to this platform. I wouldn't still be posting here if I weren't enjoying my time here.

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    @laravista YES YOU CAN! That is the power of federation. On the right side of the panel, you see the handle name ( Copy and paste that in the search on (using the search button in the navbar). You will automatically follow this magazine now.

    Now, once new threads or posts will be published it should eventually end-up on the instance. And you will see it in your timeline.

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