AlexSanterne, to academicchatter

"Saying NO !" decision tree for

I just found this awesome flow chart providing an accurate decision tree on when and how to say at work.

I'm gonna print it and stick it on my office door !


credits: Gabriel Bosslet


Created 2/9/19 by Gabriel Bosslet (@gbosslet) with revisions based on feedback by Joseph Hyder (@JosephHyder), Giovanni Pavolini (@gpavolini), and Randy Curtis (@JRandallCurtis1)



@mike @olimould @academicchatter Only if the 2 folks have seen the chart 😅

winy, (edited ) to firefox French avatar

C'est fou quand même le manque de compatibilité des navigateurs avec la pseudo classe css :dir()

Elle permet d'appliquer une règle de css différente en fonction du sens de lecture du texte et elle est prise en compte depuis 2016 par @firefox

cc @ButterflyOfFire @w3c

Michkineflo, avatar

@winy @firefox @ButterflyOfFire @w3c Oui mais au final, l'utilisateur blâmera le site et pas son navigateur dans 99% des cas.

Krafting, avatar

Comme par hasard que les navigateur basé sur chromium quoi…

andthisismrspeacock, to 3goodthings avatar

Which remindes me: it's been a couple of very days, so I haven't done THREE GOOD THINGS™️!

🎂 It's my f_cking birthdayyyyyyyy, bitches! Officially Middle Middle Aged.

🥟 Friends are taking my to my favorite place, to die for.

🎡 Two (2) repeat TWO days until .

What's good in your lives, ? What made you smile and feel positive today?


DejGuy, avatar

@andthisismrspeacock @3goodthings Happy Birthday, enjoy!

tiamat271, avatar

@andthisismrspeacock @3goodthings Happy birthday! 🥳

michael, to plants

a lychee tree just arrived in the mail. my wife ordered it. she ordered a banana tree earlier this year. it's currently outside and doing well.

her uncle lives in florida and grows mangoes. they're delicious. so my wife has grown a few mangoes from seed that are now 4-5 feet tall.

she has some dragon fruit going along with other tropical plants.

here's the rub: we live in new england.

what to do?

i see a greenhouse in our near future.



@KeithDJohnson @plants can i ping you about your system when we're ready to move forward?

KeithDJohnson, avatar

@michael @plants Yes, you may.

DoubleTreble, to random avatar

Wishing ya'll a wonderful Wednesday 🥰
Hope all your shenanigans are underway and and going exceedingly well 💖

geos, avatar

@bluGill @DoubleTreble @MaJ1 @dgar @UkeleleEric @Judeet98

I build and repair instruments. It matters a lot to me. Proper measurements determine if the instrument stays together and plays in tune. Play any stringed instrument with the intonation off by 1/64 and you well hear it. The metric system reduces computation time and errors. But, like you said, it doesn't matter to you. Okay.



@DoubleTreble @MaJ1 @dgar @UkeleleEric @Judeet98

If you make and repair musical instruments you work to fit, not a ruler. It is much more accurate. Except frets which should be with a square root of 12 ruler not one marked in a normal unit (I've never seen one of these!). Or more likely you use a machinist tool which is marked in thousandths not fractions.

Don't get me wrong, I use metric for engineering. However most of the people who say metric is better are using incorrect arguments.

jblue, to plants avatar

This is your seasonal reminder that all acorns are edible. Some need processing, others do not.

In October, I will do a thread on Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana. These don’t need processing but do need to be steamed in their shells to remove the nut. Last year, house moths ate most of mine so they need to be well-sealed and frozen after shelling.


Colorful sprigs of herbs and greens arranged artfully on a black speckled plate. In the middle is a broiled rectangle of tofu with acorn dengaku paste. Acorn dengaku with yuzu zest aromatic. Adapted from “dengaku.” Tsuji 192. Garden veg: Mexican tarragon (reserved), Okinawa spinach, red Hopi amaranth, summer savory, willow oak acorns, yuzu zest
Black background, black plate with darker black speckles. An upside down pyramid of 6 caramel colored mini acorn pancakes with a red paste dollop on top each pancake. A green sauce is drizzled overtop the pancakes in diagonal lines. Three camelia flowers adorn the plate to the left, too and right. Mini acorn okonomiyaki with madhatter/queen of minalco tomatillo/strawberry and yuzu sauce, sissoo-ezu and yuzu zest. Adapted from “Okonomiyaki.“ Sakai, p.261. Garden veg: camellia flower (not eaten) madhatter, queen of minalco tomatillo, sissoo, strawberry (Ozark beauty, maybe), willow oak acorns, yuzu (not my tree)
Black speckled plate on black background. Willow oak Acorn soba noodles are arranged vertically on the plate with a few curved on the right towards the left for dramatic effect. A sprig of moringa and borage flower lays on top of the noodles. A pink candy stripe camelia is on the top right. Acorn soba. Adapted from “soba,” Sakai, p.81. Garden veg: borage flower, camellia (not eaten), moringa, willow oak acorns

joelmeador, avatar
brege, avatar

@Brendanjones @jblue @silphium @plants Would like to recommend the book "Nature's Garden" by Samuel Thayer here. There's over 50 pages about acorns with lots of pictures of the ones to avoid, weavil issues, processing techniques, as well as history and what to do with them.

It's available on

Thayer, p. 169 Tannin Content of Various Acorn Samples - a table of over two dozen varieties found in the US
Thayer, p. 175. Shows the top of different acorns with the caps removed, partially describing the kinds to discard

Chigaze, to bookstodon avatar

The problem with good, fun, easy to read books is they're done too fast. Now I have to wait years for another Thursday Murder Club book as I finished “The Last Devil to Die” in a couple days.


lastrobot, avatar

@Chigaze @bookstodon Yes. It will be a treat.

Edelruth, avatar


I keep checking my sync, even though I dont know the actual date. 🤣🤖

@lastrobot @bookstodon

malwaretech, to random avatar

I guess the economy really isn't going well because my apartment complex just sent out an email advertising a service that provides financing for paying your monthly rent

witewulf, avatar

@malwaretech I’m no economist, but that’s not sustainable, right? 😳

Rhaedas, avatar

@witewulf None of this is. Just one layer on the next, hoping the tower doesn't fall yet.


georgetakei, to random avatar

It’s finally happened. Trump’s business empire is on the verge of total ruin as his decades-long practice of fraudulently inflating his property values led a NY judge to CANCEL the business certificates of the Trump Organization entities.

Kudos to NY Attorney General Letitia James for bringing this all to light and achieving accountability against Trump. He’s a fraud. He’s a rapist. And he’s a clear and present danger to our democracy.

But justice has caught up to him, and it is glorious to see.

MugsysRapSheet, avatar

Eric T**** posted on his father's social media site this it should be perfectly legal to commit massive (bank) as long as people benefit from that fraud.

Is there ANY question this is EXACTLY what his father was thinking when he orchestrated ? 🤔

rdrozd, to random Polish avatar

Wróciłem niedawno do "Lata leśnych ludzi" Rodziewiczówny. To jedna z pierwszych "dorosłych" książek, jakie przeczytałem gdzieś na początku podstawówki. Nie jest to może cud literatury, język momentami napuszony i przegadany. Jak byłem mały, podobała mi się bardziej przygodowa część powieści.

Ale sama koncepcja jak na początek XX wieku zaskakująco nowoczesna. Mamy na przykład chyba pierwszą w polskiej literaturze postać wegetarianina, czyli Rosomaka:

"Uważam, że chcecie urządzić dziką indyjską ucztę, pożreć tego trupa, no i ten grzech odchorować. Wolna droga! [...]
— Od dawna już mięsa nie jadam i coraz większy czuję doń wstręt."


rdarmila, avatar

@rdrozd i grupa @ksiazki

m0iga, avatar

@rdrozd @ksiazki Przeczytałem po obejrzeniu ekranizacji, zupełnie dwie różne historie, ale obie warte żeby je znać.

noelreports, to random Dutch avatar

Germany is holding off sending Taurus long-range precision missiles to Ukraine because of concerns they would require German technicians to operate on the ground, which some officials fear could drag Berlin closer to a direct confrontation with Russia.

silo_bear, avatar


Cowardice of the highest degree. I didn't realize that soldiers enlist for the purpose of being safe and secluded.

(If their meaning is genuine then they could simply train Ukrainians to man these.)

Ooops, avatar


If their meaning is genuine then they could simply train Ukrainians to man these.

Which is actually the message and the reason they don't deliver them yet. They first need Ukrainians trained to use them.

But that's not the prefered narrative. So tell us more about that cowardice instead please...

(PS: Reports about training requirements and time frame are weeks old, but you probably ignored them also)

eugenia_diegoli, to academicchatter Japanese

Delighted (and a little daunted!) to have just signed the contract for conducting research on ‘s theory and its application to Japanese at the University of Bologna! It’s rather a leap from (im)politeness, but all the more exciting. Any reading suggestions on previous studies on the topic are more than welcome
@academicchatter @linguistics

elmerot, avatar

Wow! His Priming theory is one of the foundations for my research. Congrats!

@academicchatter @linguistics

tagesschau, to random German avatar

🔌🚗 In soll es für Menschen mit geringerem Einkommen ab 2024 ein Leasing von E-Automodellen ab 100 Euro pro Monat geben. Das Angebot soll sich auf in Europa produzierte Fahrzeuge beschränken.

Die Maßnahme ist Teil eines großen Klimaschutzplans. Präsident kündigte zudem einen Zuschuss von 700 Mio. Euro für den landesweiten Bau von 13 S-Bahn-Linien an.

Frankreich will damit den Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen bis 2030 um 55 Prozent im Vergleich zu 1990 senken.

Klimaschutzplan der französischen Regierung (2/2): Ab 2027 sollen 1 Million Wärmepumpen pro Jahr in Frankreich produziert werden können. 30.000 Menschen sollen für die Installation ausgebaut werden. Ebenfalls 2027 stellen die letzten beiden Kohlekraftwerke endgültig den Betrieb ein. Insgesamt will Frankreich seinen CO2-Ausstoß bis 2030 um 55 Prozent im Vergleich zu 1990 senken.

seth73, avatar

@tagesschau Ich hoffe, Deutschland macht sich ein paar Notizen...!?

Ooops, avatar


Die FDP hat aber zufällig immer kein Geld für andere Personengruppen als ihr Klientel...

pluralistic, to random avatar

There is nothing harder to kill than an idea whose time has come to pass

dougiec3, avatar

That worker wages should increase whenever the CEO's compensation does is a great idea: automatic increases.


@dougiec3 @pluralistic Peg lowest paid workers' wages to a fraction of the highest paid executive's total compensation. Maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:20, although even that seems kind of absurd. But way better than the 1:200+ zone we're in right now.

canute, to linuxphones avatar

Dual booting Droidian and AOSP Vanilla ROM on spes

Tried on @droidian, not disappointing at all! Will be daily driving it, but will have Android as backup (hope so don't need it).
Using bootctl to change slots



Sounds interesting to use dual boot on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 . Is there a more detailed report that others could follow?

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