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I was watching this morning. I noticed that she started using @firefox ! A creator using !

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Just wanted to share what I did recently!

I created a little JS tool that is pinging a YT or PT API in order to get the follower counter and display the number on a html page customizable through CSS.
I did it because Peertube lacks an instrument like that which allows you to show the followers number on the OBS scene. With this tool you can just add the html page to OBS.

Code is FOSS! I hope PT adds my tool to the docs :)

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How can we ensure energy data from KEcoLab are stable?

@sthak9 has some ideas.

"Ensuring KEcoLab Stability: Introducing Dedicated CI-Test"

is a KDE tool for measuring software's consumption, but it needs robust testing to ensure stable functionality after code changes. Sarthak presents his work in Season of 2024 implementing dedicated test builds with test scripts.


Reminder: crypto isn’t solarpunk. It’s cyberpunk.

Listening to a recent episode of the Solarpunk Presents podcast reminded me the importance of consistently calling out cryptocurrency as a wasteful scam. The podcast hosts fail to do that, and because bad actors will continue to try to push crypto, we must condemn it with equal persistence....

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I really hope some larger projects team up with them for use as a donation platform at some point...the only issue is, where to buy taler w cash🤷‍♂️

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I was thinking of doing a livestream along the lines of "Minetest, but chat decides the mods" where players can think of new mods and we build them on the spot to spice up the game.

Does that sound cool or nah? ​:blobcouncil:​

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Question! Why should local governments use taxpayers’ money to buy proprietary, closed software from a single vendor? And what happens to citizens' data? A solution is to move to free and open source software like and – which is exactly what Schleswig-Holstein is doing:

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As far as I'm concerned, Redis has been renamed to Valkey, while Redis Ltd. has created a non-free fork and confusingly named it "Redis".

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Red Hat has issued an urgent security advisory for XZ. If you’re using Ultramarine 39, or have upgraded to 40 Alpha, you are safe. If you are using Rawhide please switch to 40 ASAP.

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I think a LOT of people are missing the fact that we got LUCKY with this malicious backdoor.

The backdoor was created by an Insider Threat - by a developer / maintainer of various linux packages. The backdoor was apparently pushed back on March 8th (I believe) and MADE IT PAST all QA checks.

Let me state that again. Any quality assurance, security checks, etc., failed to catch this.

This was so far upstream, it had already gotten into the major Linux distributions. It made it into Debian pre-release, Fedora rolling, OpenSUSE rolling, Kali rolling, etc.

This is an example of Supply Chain Security that CISOs love to talk and freak out about. This is an example of an Insider Threat that is the boogey man of corporate infosec.

A couple more weeks, and it would have been in many major distributions without any of us knowing about it.

The ONLY reason we know about it is because @AndresFreundTec got curious about login issues and some benchmarking checks that had nothing to do with security and ran the issue down and stumbled upon a nasty mess that was trying to remain hidden.

It was luck.

That's it. We got lucky this time.

So this begs the question. Did the malicious insider backdoor anything else? Are they working with anyone else who might have access to other upstream packages? If the QA checks failed to find this specific backdoor by this specific malicious actor, what other intentional backdoors have they missed?

And before anyone goes and blames Linux (as a platform or as a concept), if this had happened (if it HAS happened!!!) in Windows, Apple, iOS, etc.... we would not (or will not) know about it. It was only because all these systems are open source that Andres was able to go back and look through the code himself.

Massive props and kudos and all the thank yours to Andres, those who helped him, to all the Linux teams jumping on this to fix it, and to all the folks on high alert just before this Easter weekend.

I imagine (hope) that once this gets cleaned up, there will be many fruitful discussions around why this passed all checks and what can be changed to prevent it from happening again.

(I also hope they run down any and all packages this person had the signing key for....)

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Oooh, has the node graph functionality, which allows you to compose vector objects from the primitives like fill, stroke, transform and live filters in a visual manner!

Node graph interface and filters both give me this nice break-out I needed after LPEs in . Don't get me wrong: that program is THE legend, developers are masters of vectors, and it's purely native Gtk toolkit on which application is built. Right now, their priority is CMYK support, so follow if you're into printing.

I just love to experiment with shiny new software that's , especially one that uses and to its advantage.

Watch 'em apply circular repeat filter on a mere line to produce this fun sparkle effect. (It is Graphite's official channel, by the way. Wish they were on Mastodon?)

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Hands-down one of my favorite things about is the incredible, odd, wacky, and unusual backgrounds that people have before they entered the world. (Or, unusual in the sense that the backgrounds are very much non-tech.)

Baristas, toy store managers, flight attendants, and so much more that I have seen.

This makes the fabric of our movement more intersectional, and I don't know if we celebrate that aspect of FOSS enough.

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New on // DrupalCamp Cemaes by Jeni Tehan, Delicious Creative on 08 June 2024 in David Hughes Village Hall in , Kingdom


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How it started: "This change has zero effect on the Redis core license, which is and will always be licensed under the 3-Clause-BSD."

How it's going: "Beginning today, all future versions of Redis will be released with source-available licenses. Starting with Redis 7.4, Redis will be dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and Server Side Public License (SSPLv1)."

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"Today, the Linux Foundation announced its intent to form Valkey, an open source alternative to the Redis in-memory, NoSQL data store.
At the Linux Foundation, Valkey will follow an open governance model, remaining community-driven and welcoming of all users and contributors."

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We have just published a new
@hackergarten Event in :

It´s on April, 18th - looking forward to hack with you :D

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Admittedly it does get on my nerves sometimes, but generally I feel fortunate to work in a context where the people I work with assume to use an application or tool by default if the alternative is proprietary.

I have always been lucky to have a career where I could vibe with in my user space and in my time to contribute and volunteer. Sometimes I think I take it for granted.

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Very sad to learn that Location Service () is winding down.

Even more that this this is partially a result of .

Will someone step up to take this over? Maybe the some organizations or companies supporting software could step up?

I think here of maybe organisations like: @NGIZero, @sovtechfund, @purism.

Do you have any suggestions?

Let's stay out of the power of .

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Discord is a cancer, bruh.

Someone asked a question on Discussions and someone else closed the discussion saying "(...) Questions can be asked through Discord 👍🏻".

For the love of god, stop using as a forum. The questions are undiscoverable.

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Unfortunately, , a real-time game development platform based on that strives for a full backwards convertability of assets and byproducts, potentially dashing Roblox competitor and developers of which contribute back to upstream, doesn't have an official room on and resorts to . It is rather weird for a product that wants you to own your data. Well, not conversation media, apparently.

A part of me wants to believe it's simply a desire for the network effect at early stages (product is in alpha) and that involved parties have weighed the trade-offs. Lack of communication on this department in their blog plants a seed of doubt in me, though. And it's a shame, really, because I genuinely want this thing grow. Why won't it allow itself to be loved, by reaching its hand to at least one forum or chat solution?

@dushman @CleoMenezesJr @hor32 @godotengine

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Hundreds of thousands of children die every year from malaria. As I’ve noticed a renewed interest in the welfare of children dying prematurely, I figured I’d share one of my favorite charities working to help eradicate malaria around the world:

immibis ,

@suehle Would you care to explain what that absolutely disgusting person is doing as secretary?

Someone on please retoot this so it shows up in general feeds - why is the Apache secretary someone who openly supports mass murder of children?

@figstick @israel @palestine

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