melroy, to bitcoincash
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And we are all going down... (when looking at the BCH/fiat conventions). Is that an issue? No, not really..


@melroy More time to buy BCH at a deep discount.

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@spammy_u2gz20zhm That is for sure :)

melroy, to tech
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When will redirect to instead of to Give a date.

Let me know below, who whoever is closest wins X.


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@hoodlem Wow, really that fast? That is not a date, but let's say: 1 July ;P?

Personally, I think due to technical reasons, it might take 2 months from now. Or it will never happen, due to trademark BS. 2 months; date: 27 Sept. 2023.

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I don't think it will ever happen, there must be literally millions of embedded links to in webpages. They may end up being mirrors of the same data but will be around for a long time yet. (Unless Musk really is trying to destroy the company, which is starting to look plausible).

melroy, to kbinMeta
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@minnieo @lavender @fearout Would you like to take a look at this ticket, if you feel inspired to work on it? Any help or ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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@melroy Done and done! Love being a part of this, so if there are posts of similar nature I might miss in the tracker, do ping me!

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@can seems to work fine here.

melroy, to testing
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First test post... in the testing magazine.

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