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The feeling of finishing this illustration is that I consolidated the art direction for my solo TTRPG game, Dungeons of Galora. As the text is getting to its final form I'm finding myself in the position of rework some previous illustrations to match this style.
@rpgmemes @rpg @RPG

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There is a new Write a Script competitions for young people in secondary education in the UK at The Philosophy Garden, on the nature and value of : Please share widely! The winning script will be made in an animated video produced by Squideo. @philosophy @aesthetics

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Flicking through these whilst listening to Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel family @bookstodon

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There will be zombies in my
book, Dungeons of Galora and I can prove it! I'm working towards delivering a
filled with references from Latin America and illustrations I inked analogically and colored digitally!

@rpgmemes @rpg @rpg @RPG

inked artwork depicting a zombie wearing a tattered tabard over a rusty chainmail. It wields a spear and has a scabbered sword at the hip.

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Brushes sing in hand,
Soul seeks beauty to express,
A world blooms on blank.



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    Inside the world of hidden portraits: ‘It’s very playful’

    A new exhibition at looks at the practice of hiding portraits 🖼 attached to other portraits and the many reasons artists 👩‍🎨 chose to be secretive with their work


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    Latest additions to my tottering tower of books to be read ...


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    Last couple days to get some of my prints & original art at discounted rates... I left the sale prices up much longer than intended but I'll be updating them soon...

    Only a couple left of the (L) OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HAUNTINGS so if you want that one, now's a good time.


    Watercolor Artwork by me of two ghost girls holding the hands of black, shadowy wraiths
    A piece inspired by an AI generated image that was circulating around. A woman in black stands in the center of a room with a bed behind her and a creepy painting on the wall.
    Wwatetcolor art of the Poltergeist Demon

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    It's -- here's a great piece by Brian Serway


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    On behalf of the organising team of ETMU conference 2024, that is held here in Tampere, Finland in next November, I am posting the link for the call for sessions. Please consider in submitting if the theme of the conference "HOPEFUL ENGAGEMENTS IN TURBULENT TIMES: and Action in is close to you and your research!

    Please feel to circulate the call!

    @artscienceblr @migrationresearch @socialsciences

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    This week I've been mainly reading, 145.

    Debates about the place of in contemporary can get pretty pretentious (Michael Fried being a case in point), but Sophie Berrebi's The Shape of Evidence: Contemporary Art & the Document (2014) offers an account of the role of photos as document, both of the making of art work and/or remaking the idea of representation, in a more (if not completely) accessible way. While dense in places there are some great points, well made


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    What's your favourite game❓

    The Official Complete Works immerses you in the breathtaking artwork of this iconic RPG through its characters and world.


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    For please, have this nice with pride flag colours - I am not sure why they are mascots, but saw lots of them last several years on forums and sites.
    I hope fellow Aces here would like it :heart_ace:​

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    The Tortworth chestnut.
    From "Sylva Britannica," written & illustrated by Jacob George Strutt, London: 1826

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    🐸 Artist: / in City: somewhere 🤫 in Germany 🇩🇪 04/2024 - Title: "The Kiss" 🖤💋 - !☕🥐

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    Started a new MagicaCSG project. Here's a first impression. New updates will follow.

    If you like my posts, a coffee would be much appreciated, and grants you access to a gallery filled with works in progress + info. ☕🙂

    metin OP , avatar

    Roboguy update…

    Added arms and legs using MagicaCSG's new sliced curves feature, allowing for segmented shapes with curvature.

    More will follow. Check other posts in this thread for other work in progress impressions.

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    Mercury’s in retrograde & I’m thinking about my careless past. Did not follow the official NaPoWriMo prompt today. See y’all tomorrow!


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