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Admin of my instance seems to have gone inactive, looking to migrate to a small instance with an active admin (kbin.cafe)

I’d like to help out with decentralization, with users not all gathering in one place, so I don’t want to go to kbin.social or fedia.io. I did look at fedidb.org and the list of instances there, but it doesn’t tell me if the admin is active. I could just visit every instance listed there and check the admin’s profile for...

Is there a way to report an individual user? (kbin.cafe)

There is a user who posted an irrelevant ad on a magazine I follow, so I clicked their profile to see if the rest of what they posted was spam too. It was. However, I didn’t find a report user option on their profile. Is there one anywhere? I know I can go through and report their individual posts, but I’d also like to flag...

Is there a way to have a feed of people you follow in kbin? (kbin.social)

I know you can follow kbin users from Masto and co and see their threads and boosts and I think that's pretty cool, but what does it do on kbin? I followed two accounts to test and it looks like the threads they create will show up in my subscribed feed. But what about their microblog posts and boosts? It seems like there is no...

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