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Software Engineer & DevOps Architect. /kbin lead developer.

He/him 🇳🇱

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If I can't meet the deadline, I will step down from leading the project and transfer full rights over the repository and instance to the contributors.

I respect you entirely but this is a bit dramatic. Not all projects can be on time due to complications and no one is asking you to step down. Please just do what is necessary - you're doing fantastic!

Looking forward to the first version!

Signal is Flawed, Why XMPP is Amazing! (new animated video) (

Some will curse me out for discussing decentralization and freedom. I am NOT saying the average person should be concerned with CIA spying. What I’m saying is that one should promote decentralized internet infrastructures that empower the individual over corrupt institutions, even though this threat model likely does not apply...

Any chance to have a separated [PORN] tag to avoid blocking all kind of NSFW posts?

Many NSFW have nothing to do with porn. Sometimes are horror contents, some times are crude images, some times are just lazy people who don’t know of the Spoiler tag. Can we have a quick and easy way to filter off all the (very funny but not alway wanted) Porn posts without locking out those other contents???


Due to Apples walled garden, its going to be difficult to nearly impossible. I know it’s not the answer you want to hear but moving to an Android/ pixel system is going to be far, far easier and will produce better results. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s the reality of the iPhone ecosystem.


You block it by switching to .

Copyright and why it's broken. - Tom Scott (

So recently there has been a lot of debate on AI-generated art and its copyright. I’ve read a lot of comments recently that made me think of this video and I want to highly encourage everyone to watch it, maybe even watch it again if you already viewed it. Watch it specifically with the question “If an AI did it, would it...

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How do you feel about Cloudflare Zero Trust?

SamXavia, to AskKbin avatar

Is the reputation points like Karma on Reddit?

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@Nemo Boosts actually federate across the other microblogging platforms also, so if you boost a kbin post from Mastodon it's reflected on the post and in your score on kbin.


Kbinicons Part 3 is here: 19 EU flags in two different styles each + a psd file to generate small instance logos for separate kbin instances (

Hi everyone, I’m back with another kbin icon pack. This time it’s flags for 18 EU countries (the non-fancy ones) + an EU flag. So 38 icons in total. All icons come in two styles: semi-transparent/glassy and opaque metallic. I also made a simple instance logo generator....

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As a follow-up, not a history lesson, but a vexillological pop quiz!

You are right that red, white, and blue, were popular during the French Revolution -- in fact, pretty much universally (for religious reasons), so the question is:

How many flags contain neither red, white, nor blue? For the purpose of this question, I do not distinguish between shades of the same colour, so both France and Sweden have "blue" in their flag. Bonus points: name the countries! Tip: This question may or may not contain misleading clues.

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