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Anyone use Skiff?

I’m only just hearing about the suite from and curious if anyone here uses it. They’ve been around for 3 years and apparently offer an open sourced encrypted suite. They’re mainly known a Google Docs alt, but I just learned they offer encrypted mail, calendar, and cloud (10GB for free) along with their docs.... updates its Privacy Policy (

From September 2023, we will be gradually rolling out our new unique search offer. This will happen over several months and won’t apply to everyone at the same time. This means that when you search through Ecosia, we work with either Microsoft Bing or, with your consent, Google to provide you with search results and ads. In...

Google Fonts i RODO ( Polish

Twórcy stron internetowych często dostosowują je w taki sposób, że przeglądarka użytkownika nawiązuje połączenia z zewnętrznymi serwisami bez wyraźnej zgody użytkownika. Co istotne, w wielu przypadkach jest to związane z udostępnianiem prywatnych informacji użytkownika innym firmom lub organizacjom.

The End of Privacy is a Taylor Swift Fan TikTok Account Armed with Facial Recognition Tech (404 Media Article) (

A viral TikTok account is doxing ordinary and otherwise anonymous people on the internet using off-the-shelf facial recognition technology, creating content and growing a following by taking advantage of a fundamental new truth: privacy is now essentially dead in public spaces.

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