Mbin v1.4.0 release ( fedia.io )

Has changes to the messenger queue layout, the background worker system.

Info: https://github.com/MbinOrg/mbin/releases/tag/v1.4.0

Docker images also: https://github.com/MbinOrg/mbin/pkgs/container/mbin

Full changelog
  • Remove the local condition from magazine autocomplete by @BentiGorlich in
  • Add missing flash on contact form by @melroy89 in
  • Translations update from Hosted Weblate by @weblate in
    add user badges to entry and post templates by @e-five256 in
  • Reread and update as well by @melroy89 in
    make search recognize !group handle format by @asdfzdfj in
  • fix nodeinfo schema wrong version, add metadata by @asdfzdfj in
  • load custom css from routes instead of inline by @asdfzdfj in
  • adding alt text as caption in lightbox by @asdfzdfj in
  • hotfix: allow custom style while still in 2fa by @asdfzdfj in
  • Change the messenger queue layout by @BentiGorlich in
  • Translations update from Hosted Weblate by @weblate in
  • Using loading lazy on images by @melroy89 in
  • Preload our logo by @melroy89 in
  • FAQ: Explain 'all' messages by @melroy89 in
  • FAQ: Retries three times by @melroy89 in
  • FAQ: Typical message queue has changed by @melroy89 in
  • Fix error on entries with an empty body by @BentiGorlich in
  • move service worker registration into main app bundle by @asdfzdfj in
  • use title instead of body for federated entry summary by @asdfzdfj in
  • adjust tag matching to better handle some eastern scripts by @asdfzdfj in
  • somewhat fix phpunit so it could run functional tests again by @asdfzdfj in
  • Add column last_origin_update to magazine by @BentiGorlich in
  • Add the correct cascading attribute to Entities by @BentiGorlich in
  • Update Symfony packages + recipes+ NPM by @melroy89 in
  • Update remaining composer packages by @melroy89 in
  • Fix circular message by @BentiGorlich in
  • Add support for incoming dislikes by @BentiGorlich in
  • Remove route for down votes and make it a span by @BentiGorlich in
  • Upgrade all remaining symfony packages by @melroy89 in
  • Fix imagemanager not having a useful error message by @BentiGorlich in
  • slightly fix object body extraction on set but empty body by @asdfzdfj in
  • Update Postmill link by @melroy89 in
  • Improve handling of images by @BentiGorlich in
  • Update version number for 1.4 release by @nobodyatroot in
    more @ https://github.com/MbinOrg/mbin/compare/v1.3.0...v1.4.0
melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Thanks for posting this time ;). Also after updating to v1.4.0. I would advise to update directly to v1.4.1. Which has some additional fixes.

Updating the messenger queue to our new layout is still required regardless of any new version after 1.4.0.

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