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I accidently rebooted during pacman update and now my system dosen't show option to boot into endeavour os. Systemd just shows option to boot into firmware interface please help!

I’ve lost everything and I don’t know how to get it back. How can I repair my system all I have is a usb with slax linux. I am freaking out because I had a lot of projects on their that I hadn’t pushed to github as well as my configs and rice. Is there any way to repair my system? Can I get a shell from systemd?

Screen goes black periodically when playing video games

Hi all, Not sure if this is a distro specific, DE specific, a monitor brand specific or just linux/AMD in general. So, I have an RX580 GPU. It is an older one, but does just for what I do on my PC (emulation). Everything works fine until I start one of the emulators and play a game. I have two 27" 4k monitors, a dell and a...

Does Linux even work properly on Dell XPS laptops?

the more i am delving into things, the dell documentations are saying that the two really aren’t compatible except for like an outdated version of ubuntu… I never even thought about this, but looking back in time, I’ve tried many distros and the all have had some sort of internal issues that I couldn’t figure out and had...

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