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Request for errors on fedia.io ( fedia.io )

Hi all. I was recently made aware that people have been getting error 429's and other error 500's when visiting fedia.io. My hope/expectation is that those will no longer happen now that I've moved back to a bare metal install, but if you do experience that, please comment below, or if that doesn't work, send me an emai to...

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Got an error 500 the other day when trying to visit /m/theonion@midwest.social, what was strange was that it was not rendered "within" the context of site UI but I was shown a totally white page bereft of any decorations except the error message on the top left (first time I ever saw this).

Got an error 500 just now from replying to a message, it was a typical error 500 taking up the main body column on the site (appeared to be logged out and all), and then returned to normal after refreshing.

EDIT: Just tried out spoiler syntax for the first time to update a new thread and submitting the edit also gave me a regular error 500. Edit didn't go through and I had to go back to resubmit.

sudo_xe ,
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Okay not an error 429 or 500 this time and just some noncommittal Error with no real message in a logged-out UI (that also returns to normal upon refresh) that I once again encountered for the first time.

I upvoted this very post, e-five's comment, and then your reply in rapid succession. The first and last actions went through, but there was a circle indicator beside the "More" option on e-five's comment and the page ultimately loaded https://fedia.io/ecf/3871174?choice=1 and thus the error page. We're both on the same instance and I shouldn't be blocking them or running any script that should mess with upvoting btw

After going back from the error page to submit this comment, hit submit button only to be redirected to
https://fedia.io/m/fedia/t/552719/-/comment without the comment having posted. I find the page usually needs to refresh to send a message but this was the first time I ended up on a different page when trying to write something?

sudo_xe ,
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The explanation of what happened makes sense, but indeed it's hard to say how it's happening. My internet speed is decent so I'm certain everything on the page must have loaded by the time I started clicking. I don't disable JS, and the only extension I have active is one for grouping tabs because I happen to access Fedia on my "side" browser, so not even an adblocker. Blocking nothing at the router level either so not sure how requests could have failed :/

Former editor at Science Fiction World, Chi Hui, reveals bullying, misogyny, stealing of wages and credits, and more at the magazine ( fedia.io )

Reading Diane Lacey's open letter about the (self-)censorship scandal of the Hugo Awards, the impetus of collusion/slating from Chinese publishers stood out. zionius actually dug further and presented evidence that the guilty party appeared to be Science Fiction World, which was involved in the Worldcon. So I thought I'd type up...

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Nice, I was just back from being mystified at this comment chain as people seemed to be mixing up the mbin instances, hope the maintenance makes Fedia easier to use regardless of whether folks were planning on landing here lol

sudo_xe , (edited )
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(BUG) cannot add to settings»blocked»domains

There is no option to add blocks of any sort (mag/user/domain) from settings, so it's more likely to be intentionally designed that way, i.e. you cannot add nor see a note on a user by going to their page either, you can only hover.

From how I understand it, you cannot block an instance entirely by blocking a domain i.e. fedia.io/d/lemm.ee, what's blocked would be hosted content like lemm.ee/pictrs/..../[file] and not some link posted to lemm.ee/c/abc, you will have to block from the magazine page i.e. fedia.io/m/abc@lemm.ee to get rid of them one by one. Domain blocking is probably intended for sites i.e. fedia.io/d/www-bbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org


I still want to see comments from lemmy.world users.

I think this is achievable via visiting fedia.io/d/lemmy.world/comments if you're looking for a stream of any and all comments (not just replies to your own threads/posts), not completely certain though!

sudo_xe , (edited ) to Mbin Blog Updates
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Seeing no ''index.php'' in URLs for mbin's (flagship?) instance here in the form of https://kbin.melroy.org/m/updates/microblog nor for any kbin ones, but they're coming up in Fedia i.e. https://fedia.io/index.php/m/updates@kbin.melroy.org/microblog


Edit: and now it's resolved here but I'm seeing it manifest on kbin.social??

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  • sudo_xe , (edited )
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    I haven't had problems searching things before and was taking a bit of a break from doomscrolling even before the mbin switch, but searching "ontario doctor/s" or "ontario doctorate" would take me to a 500 server error. Other combinations like "ontario dr", "pickering doctor", "post doctorate", "ontario london", had no issues. Error could not be replicated on neither a kbin (ernest's flagship) nor mbin (melroy) instance, and issues for the mbin repo weren't related to search afaict

    Using compact view and all other threads settings disabled so probably doesn't have anything to do with loading media.

    It seems impossible to see user profiles from the libranet.de Friendica instance, i.e:

    • @fu@libranet.de
    • @petrescatraian@libranet.de

    Also getting the 500 server error from just trying to go to microblog tab from the homepage -> https://fedia.io/microblog
    Avatars are turned on but auto media preview set to off.

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