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Hi all,

I want to do a code competition. It's a fight between stacks. Which one is the best?
The idea is to write a devrant clone in your stack and see how far you'll get in 8hrs.
These 8hrs are pure for coding and testing. IT DOESN'T INCLUDE:

  • setting up tooling (installing python / npm)
  • configuring repository
  • docker configuration (if you want to use it)

How to join: write a comment with the tooling you're about to use (python, node, js, ruby or whatevs) and how far you think you'll get.
Extra: 8hrs is of course nothing, but we can extend this hackaton with 8hr a few times.

SidTheITGuy ,


I'll be using Laravel. I expect to finish login page, homescreen with rants list (raw). And maybe comments section.

SidTheITGuy ,

@retoor I completed the rant Show page as of today.


SidTheITGuy ,


Here's my submission for the challenge. It's built with Laravel + HTML + CSS + JS + MySQL stack.

just run composer install. php artisan migrate and php artisan optimize and you're good to use it.

SidTheITGuy , (edited ) to dR Bulletin Board


Hey Everyone, I am Sid. I primarily work with NodeJS and Laravel and I have 7 years of experience at the time of writing this.
I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials.

Other ways you can reach me:

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