retoor , (edited )

Hi all,

I want to do a code competition. It's a fight between stacks. Which one is the best?
The idea is to write a devrant clone in your stack and see how far you'll get in 8hrs.
These 8hrs are pure for coding and testing. IT DOESN'T INCLUDE:

  • setting up tooling (installing python / npm)
  • configuring repository
  • docker configuration (if you want to use it)

How to join: write a comment with the tooling you're about to use (python, node, js, ruby or whatevs) and how far you think you'll get.
Extra: 8hrs is of course nothing, but we can extend this hackaton with 8hr a few times.

retoor OP ,
retoor OP ,

Here some screenshots of my projects. It isn't beautiful but remind you: build in 8h complete with backend.

joewilliams007 ,
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@retoor bootyful

retoor OP ,

@Sid ad some screens! My application looks like this now:

It suports:

  • register
  • login
  • ranting
  • commenting
SidTheITGuy ,

@retoor I completed the rant Show page as of today.


retoor OP , (edited )

I'll write my devrant clone in aiohttp (python) and I expect to finish:

  • home screen with listing of rants
  • register page
  • login page
  • rant create page
  • comments

It'll contain a lot of bugs like double registration and such :P


What's your github?

@ostream any progress?

SidTheITGuy ,


Here's my submission for the challenge. It's built with Laravel + HTML + CSS + JS + MySQL stack.

just run composer install. php artisan migrate and php artisan optimize and you're good to use it.

retoor OP ,
SidTheITGuy ,


I'll be using Laravel. I expect to finish login page, homescreen with rants list (raw). And maybe comments section.

vintprox Mod ,
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vintprox Mod ,
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vintprox Mod ,
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How to post your devRant clone

It is pretty simple.

  1. Add new thread page is where you can fill all needed fields.

  2. Use a unique name for your application - it must not nonchalantly use the word "devRant", as it is taken and is a trademark. Append | devRant Clone to that, and your title is ready!

  3. Fill out the body with optional, but contextually interesting, information and links:

    My synopsis of what my application does that resembles devRant.
    - Used tech stack
    - Used data
    - It took me <?> hours
    - What is different
    - Demo
    - Screencast
    - Source code
    - Screenshots come in the comments below
  4. Paste the tags: devrant drcj jam hackathon entry

  5. Mark your work as OC, if all qualities specific to a devRant clone were implemented by you and you only.

  6. Attach an image before submitting. It may be your main page or whatever makes the thread appealing and unique.

  7. Press "Add new thread" button to publish!

  8. Post additional screenshots via comments below, if any.

vintprox Mod ,
vintprox avatar

@joewilliams007, 4 days ago:

i will use node, as i want it to be fast (unlike python🫣 ahmm ahm). And i expect to get login going and rant posting.

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