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Retoor on posts "I miss who I was 20 sec ago" video with Lego Derek wanking off under the blanket.

Me the same day:

That made me realize: We need a horny jail sticker. Yep!

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What's a Microblog? | dR Bulletin Board

is the place on that gathers posts that people freely send this way including posts coming from network with 1+ of the featured tags attached: 🏷

Original page: 📝 It's a community-oriented fork, , that provides the best viewing experience.

Expand posts often

Keep in mind, while scrolling through Microblog, that these micro-threads can only go in so much detail. When you view them at first, they may appear collapsed. It's to prevent the pollution of feed and timeline being owned by the vocal posts. This is like a middle ground between a card you see on Threads with no discussion whatsoever and a lengthy discourse when you open one.

If something is collapsed, right after the Reply button, you will see another button reading Expand - click it to further your context.


Anyone can send here from the Fediverse account they choose (well, almost any). When they do it from Mbin/Kbin, it automatically inserts the magazine's primary tag to posts in ActivityPub protocol, which is a general hashtag.

Use short meta tag for anything related to dR Bulletin Board itself.

You might also want to check whether your post qualifies for the home page, Threads, instead: 🛡


Top-level posts that you make in Microblog look a bit different on Lemmy. The first line is stripped as a title for post and entire text is duplicated into body.

To make your post look better everywhere, I think it's imperative to fake a title with some Markdown magic: # Title Here (just plain text without header is enough, too). Use this guideline for the posts that go beyond 2-3 sentences or 1 line, because max. of 200 characters of the first line are copied into the title on Lemmy, and you'd probably want it to be as snappy and short as possible. Avoid including links and other markup in the first line, except aforementioned header.

Check handles

You may notice there are different actors, like in my case: an orange avatar is my Kbin, a green one is my Mastodon, and a blue one is my Lemmy account. It's just something that I do to avoid the confusions around , while people are still not used to lookup everyone's .

The point being is you would probably want to observe which profile is more active and talk with it instead of having awkward silence in response. For example: while I sit through this magazine, I mostly use Kbin, so don't be a stranger and ping @vintprox, not my alts!

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