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No, it's not hot. It's fucking ridiculous.

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Feeding trash into is the functional equivalent of when Tom Sawyer got the other kids to whitewash the fence for him for free. Only in this case Tom is Zuckerberg and his cohorts, laughing at the "Fediverse" rubes.

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@mattblaze @aka_quant_noir @lauren

Not sure if useful but my plan B is probably or, if no capacity, just withdraw to the server. Loads of thoughtful people here!

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If you've ever posted anything on Reddit, your words are going to be sucked up into an "AI" database. The people who profit from this are Reddit and the "AI" company.

What do you get? Screwed, again, by tech companies that have pure contempt for your privacy and rights.

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I really want to be done with Reddit like I am with the bird site but the alternative in just isn't working --- the other alternative is run by some unsavory characters so I'm not going there....

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Ok now I’m a little sad. I just recently found the Artifact app, and now it’s shutting down. What app do you all use to read various types of news on all kinds of topics?

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@LaGrange Here’s my “find news” strategy…

  • pure for manual curation (Got a lot of blogs here if you are interested

  • is slightly better since I get boosts in my timeline which with enough followed accounts turns into a kinda less-toxic “For You” algorithm

  • I use as my RSS platform and they suggest other blogs to sub to that are similar to ones that I already sub to

  • I’m also active on infosec-related / servers which feed me new stuff sometimes (though still not as effective as Reddit is/was when I was using it)

  • There’s some attempts at building algo’s on top of Mastodon as well as folks building curated lists ( being an example of the latter) that you could also look into.

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I've been doing a lot with userstyles and userscripts lately!

First, I've just released idkbin 1.3.7 and Dropdown Menu Icons 1.1.0, both of which add icons to the "more" button's dropdown menu.

Second, I made my first userscript: Improved Channel Select Menu! This is my first time making something with —a good bit of the code is based of raltsm4k's Floating Subs List—but I'm really happy with it! Earlier today, I released version 0.2.0 which adds a settings button and some new features. If you have any feedback, please share here.

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I noticed if I look at my profile on I don't see any of my microblog posts. Does anything other than replies show up over there?

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Implemented menu icons in idkbin 1.3.6! They make the UI feel a lot more polished imo.
I also made these a standalone userstyle if you just want those.

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"Copie Publique" grant program for FLOSS: €3000 grant to support Lemmy

French worker-owned company @codelutin invest 3333 € to support the development. 3000 € will go to Lemmy while 333 € will go to .

@copiepublique is a french alliance of companies who pledged to support FLOSS via profit-sharing. If you are a french company, join the alliance! ✊


Updates on Interstellar kbin app: account login, voting, subscriptions, and more ( )

If you haven't been following the Interstellar magazine, I've added a lot of functionality since the last thread here, including views for magazines/users/domains, better navigation for wider screens, QoL additions (like the @ button to reveal originating domain, inspired by Artemis), and a lot of different bug/functionality...

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Hopefully I won't abandon it, but if I did, it is open source, so at least someone else could pick it up (at some point, I'd like to get more maintainers, so I'm not the only one). Here you go for a chat room:, I did matrix to keep it close to the other kbin rooms.

jwr1 OP , (edited ) to /kbin meta in Updates on Interstellar kbin app: account login, voting, subscriptions, and more avatar

That would be amazing! Right now, the code is very unorganized, and the general workflow is unstructured, just so you know what to expect :) since it's only really two weeks old. Feel free to make pull requests for bug fixes, feature implementations, code organization improvements, etc. (later, I might have a more concrete list of what I'm trying to do). Also, considering this is only my first real Flutter app, it would be great to have suggestions for the overall code structure (right now it's a mess). If you want, you can join the matrix room as well, that'll make discussion easier.

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Just learned that you can have dropdowns in Stylus settings, and I've implemented that in idkbin 1.3.5! Now you can choose from both of the "more" icons I was considering, among many other new options.

View the changelog here.

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idkbin 1.3.4 is out! This time around, I added a small icon next to the expand/collapse button on microblog posts. Like with most things in idkbin, it can be toggled.

View the changelog here.

TadeuszBonawentura , to Fediverse in What are some cool people you follow on other Mastodon and other Fediverse Platforms?

Hi! Appreciate your works! So, talking about this place. Welcome to another corner of fediverse. and are federated forum platforms which work like Reddit but on principles similar to or . That's why we can talk together here by being on different platforms. Magic of federation!

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It's kind of funny how many 1:1 clones of popular subreddits were created on kbin after the big Reddit api debacle earlier this year that were posted in by like one or two people for a month or so, then just completely died. Some with hundreds or 1k + users subscribed.

Just seeing all of them in the abandoned magazine section.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 , avatar

@btp Yeah, it sucks to see how much activity has dropped since the Reddit migration. Monthly active users have dropped from 45,000 to 5000. If you think that a lot of the 45,000 were alts, it's still a huge drop compared to Lemmy (65,000 to 35,000). I think Ernest's long absence was a big factor in the decline.

But even among the few who are here, there's little posting outside of the big news and meme magazines (though that also goes for Lemmy communities). Not unique to the by any means — there will always be way more lurkers than posters — but I really wish more people would contribute to the communities that they're active in.

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idkbin has been updated to 1.3.3! The more button has been replaced with an ellipsis, and the no avatar icon has been changed.

And I fixed more sort icon issues. Again. I'm really bad at this.

View the changelog here.

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Wow , thanks for the help! I am genuinely surprised at how close the results were. It looks like the recommendation is to try out the ( and / or ) first - but only by 1.8% over ! Y'all must know that I've been getting frustrated with lately. I also appreciate the recommendations for other things to explore.

Now the question is Kbin or Lemmy? Or both? (any thoughts?)

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@seanbala The dev has finally returned and started updating again, so I'd give that one a shot. It combines micro-blogging with link aggregation. Best of both worlds!

I do use however.

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idkbin 1.3.2 is out! This fixes a couple of bugs and adds a placeholder icon in the comments for people without an avatar. Before, it was just an empty box, so I figured it'd be nice to have something to fill it.

View the changelog here.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 , to Mbin Blog Updates avatar

Released idkbin 1.3.1! This update tweaks the scroll-to-top button, adds icons to the activity bar, and adds sort icons where they were missing before.

The changelog can be viewed here.

daredevil , to Ask Kbin in ✨ What is your favorite thing about kbin? ✨ avatar

You mentioned a lot of things that I generally really enjoy about as well.

⭐ The admin @ernest is an incredibly hardworking, kind, supportive, and an all-around good person. This is my tip top most favorite thing because good leadership and communication is essential to a good and thriving community. Ernest is a star!

Same, he also gets bonus points for listening to, and implementing suggestions. Some of them have come quite quickly as well. These factors when combined have made me feel like I'm really a part of the community.

⭐ I enjoy making scripts/styles for kbin. kbin is the reason I began learning JS, HTML, and CSS. I am so happy I started learning, and it's all thanks to kbin.

Cheers to that, I actually use one of yours -- specifically the one that changes the layout of profile pages.

⭐ No malicious, tricky, over-calculated algorithm. It's very straight-forward and honest here. I love seeing a mix of upvoted/downvoted comments in comment sections too, rather than just top upvoted, because it makes me feel more apart of the conversation with everyone. Your contributions and thoughts won't get drowned out by upvoted witty remarks, that is truly unique to kbin (and maybe elsewhere on the fediverse?).

Agreed -- I think Mastodon also functions similarly. It makes a bit challenging at times, but I'm open to experimenting with it.

⭐ kbin gives me the urge to contribute, interact, and create because our contributions have actual impact. Can't say the same for other sites. Everywhere else is lurk only.

Hard agree -- though it wears on me at times when I'm unable to get some engagement going after keeping at it for so long. I've changed my mindset about it a little while ago, so it's not too bad.

⭐ Tightknit but welcoming. kbin is small enough that I run into familiar people all the time, and I recognize usernames everywhere.

Agreed, and to add onto this -- profile pictures are pretty easily recognizable as well.

⭐ Authenticity. kbin is authentic and real. It's not pushing a product, not manipulating what you see, not building an ad profile. It is what a forum should be.

Yeah, adding on one of your points again -- it's very reminiscent of what used to feel like. However, at the same time, it feels like something more due to the addition of . may not be super popular on /kbin, but I think they're a stellar addition to the forum experience. I've had some nice back-and-forths with users from the comfort of /kbin's UI. I think there's more potential in what you can do with them, too.

daredevil , to Ask Kbin in ✨ What is your favorite thing about kbin? ✨ avatar

I was making scripts, styles, mags, and posting content several times a day every day trying to build kbin and encourage engagement, and on that front, it pretty much never got better.

Your work is appreciated. :)

It feels a bit lonely, I do wish more lurkers would consider joining the convo. There's lots of talk about things being stale and dead, not many active niche communities, but 98% of people aren't contributing. It's okay to not be a content creator, but a single comment a week is better than no comments ever. I might be a taaaad salty, because of how much effort I put in, and that the lack of interactions and engagement is pretty much the ONLY thing keeping kbin from reaching it's full potential.

I could not agree more, LOL. Props for powering through that feeling, I'll go check out some of your magazines soon. Unfortunately, this is a problem that feeds itself, as people don't want to post because people aren't posting. Someone's gotta be first on the dance floor if we want to see /kbin thrive. I've been quite busy with IRL stuff, so I haven't been able to post as much lately. What you said about even a single comment every once in awhile really makes a difference.

Speaking of microblogging, I still don't know what those are somehow lol. are they like mastodon tweets or toots or whatever? 😭

Yeah, that's basically what they are. Being unfamilar with them is no problem. The great thing about is that options are available, but not forced on us. could become more useful/relevant with the introduction of the tab being created. Having an aggregated view is really helpful for easing into how it could be used. One way I've been messing with it is to have an overview of magazines so I can more easily be aware of any content that needs to be moderated. I think they could be useful for other stuff besides one off / so you can group related posts to look back on -- themed posts over a span of time (like posts, etc). I also regularly use them in @learnjapanese for my .

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 , (edited ) to Fediverse avatar

I've been thinking a bit about this post regarding 's responsibility to be compatible with the ( thread aggregators like & ). Right now, a thread from Lemmy or Kbin usually federates to Mastodon with truncated text and a link to the actual thread. However, many want Mastodon to be more compatible with threads so that the people over on Mastodon interact with the threadiverse more.

I was initially in agreement as a Kbin user. But having given it some thought, I think this is an unwise approach that'll only serve to overcomplicate platforms on the . Yes, people on Mastodon should promote other parts of the fediverse (and vice versa), but complete interoperability shouldn't be expected of every platform.

As much as many would like it, you can't have long-form video from PeerTube, images from Pixelfed, threads from Kbin, blogs from Writefreely, etc. all neatly fit in a microblog feed. These are different formats made for different platforms, and the people making them are expecting them to be interacted with in completely different ways. When someone makes a thread in a Lemmy community, they're probably expecting that the people who are going to see and interact with the thread are people that want to see threads and are thus on a Lemmy instance (or another thread aggregator). If someone from Mastodon were to interact with it as if it were a microblog post, there'd be a big mismatch. People interact with microblogs differently than they do with threads — that's why they're separate to begin with. You don't see everyone on Twitter also wanting to use to Reddit because people who want microblogs don't necessarily want Reddit-style threads, and vice versa.

The other option, then, is to separate these different formats into different feeds or otherwise make them clearly distinct from one another. Kbin does this by separating threads and microblog posts into two tabs. While you can view both in the "All Content" tab if you'd like, they're styled differently enough that it's very clear when you're looking at a thread and when you're looking at a microblog post. This distinction lets users treat threads like threads and microblog posts like microblog posts, which is really helpful since the two formats serve different purposes and have different audiences. This option — clear distinction — is a great way to solve the conundrum I've been talking about… if your platform is meant for viewing all these different kinds of content to begin with.

And that's what it really comes down to imo. Mastodon is a platform for microblogging. Most people go to Mastodon because they want a Twitter alternative, not a Twitter alternative that's also an Instagram alternative and a Reddit alternative and a YouTube alternative. Even if you put these different content types in separate tabs, it would inevitably make things seem more confusing and thus raise the barrier of entry. Add a Videos tab to Mastodon to view stuff on PeerTube, and people are inevitably going to go, "Wait, what's this? Is this like YouTube? I thought this was just a Twitter alternative! This all seems too complicated," even if you tell them to ignore it.

It's probably best to leave Mastodon as it is: a microblogging platform that has some limited federation with other formats. The way Kbin threads currently display on Mastodon is fine. In fact, when I post a Kbin thread, I'm expecting it to be viewed via a thread aggregator. If people on Mastodon were part of the target audience, I would've made a microblog post.

Now, if you want to make something that lets you view everything on the fediverse via different tabs, feel free. As aforementioned, Kbin supports both threads and microblogs, though it comes with some challenges (e.g., trying to fit magazine-less microblog posts into Kbin's magazine system). However, this doesn't mean every platform on the fediverse needs to seamlessly incorporate everything else. I'd love people on Mastodon to promote and even try out Lemmy & Kbin more, but that doesn't mean Mastodon needs to also become a thread aggregator.

ContentConsumer9999 , to Fediverse in An alternative perspective on and the Fediverser project

actually handles this really well. Whenever it detects 2 of the same (at least that's how I think it works), it'll group them and only show one of the threads on your feed. If you click on it, right under the thread will be the other -posted threads on other magazines, each of which has its own upvote/downvote and comment count. You can click on any of those threads to switch to a certain magazine's thread and see the there. Also, when you comment, it only goes to the thread you currently have open.

ContentConsumer9999 , to Fediverse in An alternative perspective on and the Fediverser project

has a to kind of deal with this called . Instead of subscribing to all of a same type or even name, you can put them in a collection (or find a collection where somebody already did that) and then favorite that collection see all of those magazines in your feed. Splitting up the discussion is still not ideal but at least this lets you see all of it at once and increases .

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