More 128TB SSDs are coming as almost no one noticed this launch — another SSD controller that can support up to 128TB appeared paving the way for HDD-beating capacities ( )

More 128TB SSDs are coming as almost no one noticed this launch — another SSD controller that can support up to 128TB appeared paving the way for HDD-beating capacities::Phison quietly revealed an updated X2 SSD platform at CES

Mahi1204 ,
Mahi1204 ,
Mahi1204 ,

Aggressively waiting for this

csm10495 , avatar

What's the biggest HDD out there? I mean at sizes this big it's a lot of data to lose in one go if it dies. Even if you have backups or whatever that's a lot to have to restore.

littlecolt , (edited ) avatar

I like 8TB drives for media. I know the rules of safe backup say you should have 3 copies, but I just have another 8TB drive for each one that's in use and I do a sync every few months. The backup drives, when not hooked up to sync for backup, sit safely in anti static bags inside the boxes they came in, in a file cabinet drawer.

ripcord , avatar

Who sells 80TB HDDs? None on the market that I know of.

CalicoJack ,

I've seen SSDs hit 100TB, but those are $40k+. And more "reasonable" options like 64TB for $10k or so.

HDDs just reached 30TB, but I don't think those are widely available yet. 24TB is the biggest you can expect to see for sale.

ripcord , avatar

Ok so I'm wondering WTF he's talking about.

Did he mean 8TB maybe?

littlecolt , avatar

I meant 8 TB

QuadratureSurfer , avatar

Are we including magnetic tape?

Looks like they hit 580 TB a few years ago:

WalrusDragonOnABike ,

You are probably expected to buy like 100+ of these at a time.

Biggest HDDs are like 28TB max atm?

LightDelaBlue , avatar

I care about affordable stuf not luxury .

lud ,

These are not intended for you anyways. They are designed for servers.

It's still interesting though and server hardware eventually makes it way down to normal people.

WalrusDragonOnABike ,

Given how many years its been since the first 100TB SSD released, anything short of 200TB seems kinda meh. Honestly kinda figured we'd be past the 400TB mark at this point, but I guess those sizes simply aren't that interesting from a business perspective even if just as a halo product not meant to actually sell much.

ipkpjersi ,

How expensive are they, $100,000 or maybe more?

Abird1620 , (edited )

$4.5k from a quick search.


This states that a 32tb ssd costs roughly $7000

BreakDecks ,

That's actually pretty reasonable.

cordlesslamp ,

≈$35/TB or ≈3.4¢/GB
Actually not a bad deal at all, consider the current SSD prices.

Blackmist ,

I'm going to need a source for that, as it's well below even regular consumer SSDs.

Abird1620 ,

Like I said, quick search, and unfortunately, I doubt anyone else looked it up. Soooo here is an article that says a 32tb cards goes for about $7000.

bitwolf ,

As a personal user, 9k to not worry about storage space or redundancy, for at least a decade seems like a pretty great deal.

femboy_bird , avatar

Looks like 40k a pop

D_Air1 , avatar

Still can't afford it.

Harbinger01173430 ,

Do you think the normal consumer would care? All that matters is for SSD to become as cheap or cheaper than HDDs or nothing

WalrusDragonOnABike ,

Its pretty cool. Number go up is exciting.

squid_slime , avatar

Bigger number better

rhebucks-zh ,

I am coming from Incremental Social, but I agree.

frezik ,

Capacity that high is for servers.

Eezyville , avatar

Or porn

Raab ,

Servers full of porn

Plopp ,

That's cool and all. How many levels per cell? Can I have it in SLC? No? Ok then I'm good.

jenny_ball , avatar

how much?

femboy_bird , avatar


HeavyDogFeet , avatar

Realistically, a couple of 10TB drives would have me covered for like a decade at least. If these massive drives bring down the price of much smaller ones, I'm a happy boy.

Steak ,

Yeah I have an old pc. Built it 6 or 7 years ago with a 1080 FTW2 card that is still going strong. For storage I have a wd 1tb drive and a 250gb ssd with windows on it. I've been fine for the most part since I don't watch 4k tv and only really play older games anymore.

eager_eagle , avatar

I read 128GB SSDs and thought "who cares"


rustydrd , avatar

My laptop has a 256GB SSD, and even this still feels plenty to me. Not sure what I'd even do with 500 times that much space.

Wizard_Pope , avatar

Store 3 new AAA games?

whoisearth , avatar

This gave me my first legit lol today thank you

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

don't exaggerate. Stores 2 AAA games.

Wizard_Pope , avatar

Store one AAAA game. Ubisoft seems to have started making those.

eager_eagle , avatar

when they add melee combat to skull and bones it'll become an AAAAA game!

Wizard_Pope , avatar

Time for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA games fast approaches.

VindictiveJudge ,

There's already AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

DAMunzy ,

Gotta have that swap space to install!

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Which game?

rustydrd , avatar

Should've added that I don't use this laptop for gaming. I also don't store multiple AAA games in parallel. But I get your point.

eager_eagle , avatar

that's for enterprise use; also plenty of uses in a data-driven world to run predictive models on.

TwilightVulpine ,

Games eat up my SSD at an alarming rate. I could see myself using several TB easily.

M500 ,

My steam deck typically has one big game installed at a time. At this point, I just want to finish baldurs gate 3 so I can delete it and put on some other games.

coffeebiscuit ,

I really need to clean up my picture library …

Illecors , avatar

Simple things. Lemmy, for instance, has grown to ~60GB since June las year. And that's just the db and federated media since I don't really havr any uploads. The big instancea are easily into the hundreds od gigs - I know had over 300GB of media alone last autumn.

On a more consumer level - high quality 4k media eats up storage pretty fast. The phones taking pictures and video in higher and higher quality - space requirements will only ever go up.

mox ,

Lemmy federates media other than text?

Illecors , avatar

Sort of. If you check the url of thumbnail images - they'll all be from your local instance.

Some images are also federated. Take this post, for example. The link is to, but the thumbnail and image itself are served by

I've never really delved into what exactly decides whether to federate a particular bit of content or not, but there's definitely more than just text being stored.

mox , (edited )

Curious. That was not the case when I started using lemmy. It was page after page of thumbnails served by remote instances, showing up as empty frames since I block off-site media.

Since you mentioned it, though, I just checked: some of the images from remote posts are now showing up, hosted by my local instance.

This is an encouraging trend for users who care about privacy (and admins who don't want their servers bearing the load of remote users). I wonder if it's a configuration change that makes the difference, or a new feature in recent lemmy versions.

Illecors , avatar

I know sdf had issues with media storage before, but that was late last year/early this one. There's noy been an update to lemmy in the week that you've joined.

Also - welcome aboard!

mox ,

But there have been updates since I started using lemmy, and since I often ignore thumbnails, an update might have changed this behavior while I was on a previous instance without my noticing.

welcome aboard!


femboy_bird , avatar

Clearly you are not a data hoarder

rustydrd , avatar

Not at all, but I see that lots of Lemmy users are into self-hosting and like to set up their own media boxes, where I can see how large SSDs could come in handy.

captainastronaut , avatar

I’m holding out upgrading for the holographic nano dark matter drives that have infinite storage capacity and RAID data into 3 alternate universes for security.

archchan , avatar

Some high tech alien's porn stash is embedded in the fabric of our universe and that's the reason we exist.

Agent641 ,

This is why I feel like an interdimensional cumshot all the time.

KingofHearts615 ,

Damn, Interdimensional cumshot sounds like an obscure metal band.

Alexstarfire ,

Are we the porn? Some alien's weird fetish?

helpImTrappedOnline ,

If we are, the story's gone to shit.

rustyricotta ,

That's their kink.

Agent641 ,

We are all lemon-stealing whores

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