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How does employing a rapist not constitute an unsafe work environment for female employees?

So I just discovered that I have been working next to the waste of oxygen that raped my best friend several years ago. I work in a manufacturing environment and I know that you can't fire someone just for being a sex offender unless it directly interferes with work duties (in the US). But despite it being a primarily male...

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Heyo! Please reformat your title to follow rule #1


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Please stop reporting this as "not tech related, rule 2", we welcome the feedback.

Our stance has been, if it's in a gray area of "tech" such as tech business related, and users upvote it: that must be what the majority wants.

We will be discussing this more, as it seems some people want strictly tech related content and none of the gray area content.

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Yeeaah, where are these car communities? I’d post in them!

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There’s a free ad version, non-ad version($20), and extra feature version ($100/life, $16/yr, $2?/mo)

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It’s $99 USD, think you all are seeing a bug.

Edit: I misunderstood which option was being discussed.

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