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Victory! Ring Announces It Will No Longer Facilitate Police Requests for Footage from Users (

This is a victory in a long fight, not just against blanket police surveillance, but also against a culture in which private, for-profit companies build special tools to allow law enforcement to more easily access companies’ users and their data—all of which ultimately undermine their customers’ trust.

‘The tide has turned’: why parents are suing US social media firms after their children’s death (

While social media firms have long faced scrutiny from Congress and civil rights organizations over their impact on young users, the new wave of lawsuits underscores how parents in the US are increasingly leading the charge, said Jim Steyer, an attorney and founder of Common Sense media, a non-profit that advocates for...

Attacks on machine learning models (

With all the hype surrounding machine learning whether its with self driving cars or LLMs, there is a big elephant in the room which not a lot of people are talking about. Its not the danger of ChatGPT taking your jobs or deepfakes or the singularity. Its instead about how neural networks can be attacked. This blog post attempts...

How Big is YouTube? (

I got interested in this question a few years ago, when I started writing about the “denominator problem”. A great deal of social media research focuses on finding unwanted behavior – mis/disinformation, hate speech – on platforms. This isn’t that hard to do: search for “white genocide” or “ivermectin” and...

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