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Not sure this qualifies as "World News", it's more "News" or "Technology".

But since the Meta platforms ARE more heavily used outside the United States, there is just enough of a thread there to keep it. ;)

Jimmyeatsausage ,

Unfortunately, Meta is a large chunk of the developing world's only way to access the internet.

jordanlund Mod , avatar

Well, they can access the Internet to get to Meta, they just don't do much beyond that.

It's like the old AOL days, if you can get to AOL, you can do more than JUST AOL.

Daxter101 , (edited )

Not just that. Here in Greece, a decade ago at least, Facebook had a separate url (I think, instead of www.) which you could connect to even without having paid anything for mobile internet, completely free.

Facebook had a deal with our national provider to keep that connection free, for the cheapest, student-targeting plans specifically.

Many students, very often of junior high age, that had their own phones (not even necessarily smart phones), even when they didn't have money for data, they were using Facebook. And only Facebook. Children growing up confusing "the internet" with Facebook, and being on it for loooong hours, even before we all got immersed in our phones 24/7

I bet they're doing something similar, making Facebook dirt cheap or free, to get poor nations hooked.

elliot_crane ,

I don’t think you’re totally wrong but I know that WhatsApp, and Instagram to a lesser degree, are the primary means of communication for a massive number of people worldwide. I agree that it’s a problem for one organization to have that much of a critical mass insofar as being able to communicate with your friends and family effectively, but at the same time it’s not really feasible to try to uproot all of your loved ones and mass migrate to another service.

Telodzrum ,

TBH, then it's probably a good thing that it's down. Facebook is responsible for military coups and ethnic cleansing campaigns around the world.

MonsterMonster ,

Meanwhile in other more important news.....

kratoz29 ,

Anonymous finally did it guys /s

RamblingPanda ,

Nice. Any other good news?

Eodilj543 ,

Biden will die soon due to its age

RamblingPanda ,

So will Trump and everyone else eventually.

jordanlund Mod , avatar

Removed, rule 6, celebrating death.

xmunk ,

Oh darn... whatever will I do.

cyberpunk007 ,

I didn't even notice. Since I don't use that trash.

dumpsterlid ,

Hey, metafilter isn’t down at least, and it is by far the best meta place you could go.

Darkard ,

So, anyone wanna take a guess at what it is this time?

My money is on a self-signed SSL certificate used in the back end somewhere expired. Some SAML setup or something that everyone forgot about.

send_me_your_ink ,

I'm gonna guess it's related to leap day. Someone rolled there own time date module and a weekly cron job.

Tronn4 ,

Att engineers

cyberpunk007 ,

I'll wager BGP. Or DNS.

melroy Admin ,
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Great.. I welcome people to Mbin!

ad_on_is , avatar

oh... haven't been on kbin ever since I switched to lemmy. how are things over there?

melroy Admin ,
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Mbin is a fork, Kbin is currently not in active development. See also:

ad_on_is , avatar

Did ernest give up on it?

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

No not really. The problem is that Ernest wants to be a final person that does all the checks/reviews/etc. Creating a bottleneck in the process. Hence Mbin was created to give much more developers and contributors the rights to review each other code and merge code (also known as pull requests). And using the C4 specification. See: and:

DerpyPoint , avatar

At least we have the fediverse up and running 😉

TransplantedSconie , avatar

Oh no!!

goes back to not giving a fuck

Atelopus-zeteki , avatar

So how's the weather where you are? We've got a bright sunny day, tho' it's a bit chilly. And dang! The elm pollen has gotten an early start.

TransplantedSconie , avatar

Not bad, not great. Overcast skies with a rain shower that swept through about a hour ago. Chilly with highs in the low 40s but with the breeze right now it feels like 37°

Atelopus-zeteki , avatar

Yeah, with the sunshine we're a bit warmer. Sure could use some rain. Got some tulip leaves, garlics, and scalions coming up. Spring is on it's way.

PlexSheep ,

It's gotten cold again here too. I'm allergic against pollen, I've noticed it too. But on the plus side, the trees are starting to look beautiful.

I've been learning Japanese for a little longer than a year now, this will be the first spring where I will really appreciate the cherry blossom/Sakura.

This thread is now c/casualconversation

Atelopus-zeteki , avatar

I've a friend, who introduced me to Plex, who is in Japan for Haru Matsuri. It sounds like it will be lovely.

swade2569 , avatar

Stay down Meta, stay down.

xmunk ,

I can't see nothing. Gotta open my eye. Cut me Mick.

Treczoks ,

May they stay dead forever.

melroy Admin ,
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autotldr Bot ,

This is the best summary I could come up with:

The three Meta-owned platforms aren’t working for many users, with the widespread outage seeming to start around 10AM ET.

Facebook is logging users out of their accounts, leaving them unable to get back in.

A similar Meta outage took place in 2021 when a configuration issue brought down access to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for several hours.

When opening the app on a mobile device, it displays an error message that says, “Sorry, something went wrong.

Reports on DownDetector rapidly spiked for all three platforms this morning, while global network trackers NetBlocks noted the issue is affecting multiple countries at once.

The Verge reached out to Meta for an update but didn’t immediately hear back.

The original article contains 182 words, the summary contains 115 words. Saved 37%. I'm a bot and I'm open source!

NominatedNemesis OP ,

Good bot!

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