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Amazon exec says it’s time for workers to ‘disagree and commit’ to office return — “I don’t have data to back it up, but I know it’s better.” (

Amazon exec says it’s time for workers to ‘disagree and commit’ to office return — “I don’t have data to back it up, but I know it’s better.”::“We’re here, we’re back. It’s working,” an Amazon Studios head said in a meeting, before acknowledging a lack of evidence.

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“I don’t know how to micro-manage people unless I can see them sitting in an open floorplan.”

Vehicle 'Kill Switch' Mandate Is a Gross (and Dangerous) Violation of Privacy (

Vehicle ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate Is a Gross (and Dangerous) Violation of Privacy::Over the last century, the Land of the Free has slowly transformed into a land governed by endless laws, largely by cracking down on vices instead of actual crimes, creating a society that would render us all criminals if our behavior were...

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A kill switch would be something the government could enable to, say, stop a fleeing vehicle.

That is NOT what this is. This is automated DUII prevention.

Makes you wonder why they’re phrasing it as a “kill switch”, doesn’t it?

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I would need to see a photo, but it’s not possible to burn in a screen in one day.

iPhone 15 runs an OLED screen.

OLED’s CAN get burn in, but it generally takes running a device 24x7 for months.

Apple statement here:

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How’s the new one?

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I’m guessing they mean the gap between digital and physical?

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut - PS4 - £24.98…/ghost-of-tsushima-directors-cut-2858…

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut - PS5 - £34.98…/ghost-of-tsushima-directors-cut-2858…


PS4 - £59.99

PS5 - £69.99

young voters say social media to blame for divisions in the u.s (

A Quinnipiac University poll asked U.S. registered voters to select one of four options to blame for the divisions in the country. Overall, 35 percent blamed social media, 32 percent blamed political leaders, 28 percent blamed cable news channels and only 1 percent blamed other countries.

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Social media exposed the divisions, it didn’t cause them.

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If YouTube really wanted to piss people off, all they would have to do is play the audio out of sync with the video. ;) I know, I know, “don’t give them ideas!”

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Now I have hope that my recently deceased vehicle may, in fact, live on! Fight the good fight!

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What I really want is a browser plugin that replaces any mention of “Ron Johnson” with “Ron Johnson, THAT fucker”…/70895824007/

“Ron Johnson, THAT fucker’s blockade of spending measure puts government shutdown in focus”

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Waking Dead sounds like a cheap Walking Dead knock off… but no, it’s an actual Walking Dead game…

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The rumor I heard is that it’s all about the abuse allegations from his sister. I’d link to the Less Wrong post, but it borderline doxxes her so even though it’s supportive, it’s still out of line.

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The article I read had links to each of her social media accounts which is kind of crossing a line when talking about allegations of abuse.

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Not all budget plans are necessarily good… I’ll admit to being a cheap fucker. I can afford a top tier cell plan, I just won’t pay for it. :)

For YEARS I had a Virgin mobile plan, but I had to drop it when, in their infinite wisdom, they dropped Android support and went iOS only.

They eventually changed their mind and tried to revert back, but the damage was done and they exited the US market ENTIRELY.

So I sucked it up and went with a Tmobile plan, which was fine, right up until they pushed an update that bricked my phone and they wouldn’t take responsibility for it.

Sooo… back to MVNO world. Picked Metro PCS, which was under Sprint at the time and had no problems, and 1/2 the price. Everything worked well… and Tmobile bought Sprint and Metro and my reaction was “Oh, HELL NO.” Not being under Tmobile again.

Thought the Mint commercials were cute, tried them out and found that while the calls and data were fine, there were so many problems with SMS that it was essentially unusable AND they got bought by TMobile…

So… Visible it is… MVNO under Verizon. 5G speeds in my area aren’t the best, but it’s functional and not Tmobile.

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That’s not unusual for AT&T. I remember back in the day their own CEO had to go out to his driveway to get service.

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“Nearly 9 in 10 US teenagers use an iPhone”


“Nearly 9 in 10 US teenagers SAY THEY use an iPhone”


How many actually use an iPhone remains to be seen.

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This. Self selected, self reported. Not a good survey.

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Not all surveys, no. Just the ones where people have chosen to participate and are trusted to provide accurate information.

We know, individually, self selected surveys have problems with validity, as do self reported surveys. Combining the two is a huge problem.

What we can’t tell from this article at any rate is if it’s a failure in methodology or a failure in reporting. Either could be true.

That being said, there IS a more accurate way to define Apple usage among teens and that would be to survey the school districts.

“How many students do you have? How many devices connect to your network wirelessly? What percentage of those are iOS?”

That still wouldn’t be 100% accurate due to teachers and staff bringing their own devices, but the students vastly out number staff so the variance could calculated.

China launches world’s fastest internet with 1.2 terabit per second link, can transmit 150 4K movies a second (

China launches world’s fastest internet with 1.2 terabit per second link, can transmit 150 4K movies a second::China is claiming that they now have the world’s fastest internet. Their new network transmits 1.2 terabits per second. That’s over 1200 gigabits, per second. At this speed, the network will be able to send 150 4K...

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Slamming into the great firewall faster than ever?

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Musk looks at Facebook and Nextdoor… “WE’RE #1! WE’RE #1!”

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Oh, you would be shocked. Lots of vaccine disinfo for example.

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I guess I fundamentally misunderstand what’s going on here…

If you want to use your phone hands free thtough the info-tainment system, it kind of NEEDS to have access to your calls, contacts, and texts, yeah?

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Yeah, it sounds to me like if a call or text comes to your phone, the car catches it before it reaches your phone because the two are connected and the car has priority access.

Free speech can’t flourish online — Social media is an outrage machine, not a forum for sharing ideas and getting at the truth (

Free speech can’t flourish online — Social media is an outrage machine, not a forum for sharing ideas and getting at the truth::Social media is an outrage machine, not a forum for sharing ideas and getting at the truth

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“Free speech can’t flourish online”
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LOL. Truth!

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It’s a neat idea, but frankly, I don’t want or need other people hearing my business. It needs to pair with (smart?) earbuds.

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This is, surprisingly, not that unusual for vehicles in high demand. It’s to prevent flipping.

GM does it on certain vehicles as well:…/gm-restrains-customers-from-fli…

(the C8 Corvette Z06, GMC Hummer EV, and Cadillac Escalade-V if you want to know without clicking the link.)

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Part of it is allowing the dealers to profit. If they price too high, there’s no wiggle room and incentive for the dealers to order the car.

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Oh, yeah, I know, I was talking about the GM cars.

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Somehow I get this weird feeling that the cybertruck will flip all on its own. ;)

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“Man, selling books online is so much hassle, we’ll let Amazon do it for us…”

Borders Books, 2001.

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When I saw that Blue Beetle was out on physical before streaming, I just went ahead and pulled the plug.

I prefer physical anyway, and if they aren’t streaming the newest content, what’s even the point?

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Size is the least of the problems…

I can already do what it does on my Steam Deck, Android tablet, and phone.

With no games of its own, what even is the point?

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Does it really need an Internet connection? Wifi I get because it has to see the PS5 SOMEHOW.

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8" and 1080p resolution?

Let’s see here…

10.5" at 1080p, $190:

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 10.5"(32GB, 3GB) Full HD, Fingerprint Secure, All-Day Battery, Android 11 Wi-Fi Tablet, US Model SM-X200 (w/ 64GB SD, Gray)

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Might be a few years old, but the goal was to come in under the $200 price tag of Sony’s unit. ;)

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On a related note, my favorite recent SEO story:…/google-search-local-seo-thai-food-…

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Was it really near you though? :) I think I’d be obligated to at least go in and ask “HOW DID YOU KNOW??!?!?”

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Looking at the modlog (which is public info, you just have to log on to the web ui and scroll down to the bottom).

3 days ago mod Banned

@Starshader from the community World reason: Racism expires: in 27 days

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In this case, it does not. But if the comment was removed, there wouldn’t be anything to link to anyway.

When a mod bans a user, there’s a checkbox to remove content automatically, which makes sense, if it’s bad enough to merit a ban, there’s no way the comment stays.

If the comment itself were simply removed, you would see a copy paste of it in the modlog.

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It probably won’t, but everyone needs an opportunity to learn. :)

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