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ThatOneKirbyMain2568 ,
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Another update to my userstyle idkbin (now at! The "new comment" marker recently added by Ernest is now stylized by idkbin (mainly to work with rounded edges), and a bug with borders has been fixed.

EDIT: Typo.

Damaskox ,

What rules does kbin have? Like, for posting content.
I tried to google info but didn't find anything.

I have a magazine that concerns morbid curiosity so I'm wondering, where's the line 🤔 (The magazine is K18 already)

ghostatnoon ,
@ghostatnoon@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox All I could find for instance rules for kbin.social is "Harassment, hate speech, or any other form of harmful behavior will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove any content or user that violates these guidelines." (from the tos)

Damaskox OP ,

@ghostatnoon Okay
So, basically posting heavy gore in a neutral way wouldn't break rules?

skepickle ,
@skepickle@kbin.social avatar

Settings->Reports not working... am I the only one or is this a known issue?

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in, it's cold out here!

Kotking ,
@Kotking@kbin.social avatar

random post section
Might as well show this one as well
Mastodon ehh same on Misskey.

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Hi @maegul, I just wanted to let you know. It's not perfect yet, but it's something I'll be working on in the coming months after the first release. Thanks for pointing it out, it's a relatively simple change, but it makes a significant difference in the overall experience.


Teppic ,
@Teppic@kbin.social avatar

@ernest Woah, this makes a heck of a difference. That's powerful!
I love the way that kbin gives you far more options to sort the Microblog feed than, say, Mastodon.

Most popular posts (by people I'm subscribed to) from the last week. Go. Boom!

I love it!

ContentConsumer9999 ,

@ernest Could you maybe allow us to have different options for the thread and microblog feed?

btp ,
@btp@kbin.social avatar

Is there any way to search or filter the abandoned magazines list?

Damaskox , (edited )

How do you crosspost (in kbin.social)?

jeena ,
@jeena@jemmy.jeena.net avatar
ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox It still requires work. Currently, it's more about presenting threads.


Damaskox ,

I notice myself constantly thinking about the (more silent) magazines I have subscribed to and how they are faring.

I know that I find the magazines I have subscribed to through my profile and the subscriptions. But for reasons I cannot materialize to words that feels like a convoluted way to approach these magazines.

I'm not so sure what I'm trying to say - I guess I just hope there was a view equivalent to https://kbin.social/magazines that showed only the ones I have subscribed to (maybe there could be an option, a box you could tick?) and maybe showing the last time someone created any kind of activity within a magazine?

Damaskox OP ,

@ernest Yeah well you don't need to phrase it as "Last activity". Just in a way that the user understands what it means/is for 😁

Since I'm enthusiast about this - how long you think until it will be there? 6 months?

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox I was thinking more along the lines of a 6-week period. I'll do it as a break from a larger tasks.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 ,
@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

Made a small update to my userstyle idkbin following the recent update. Colors the user follow & block buttons + some other fixes.

Damaskox ,

What are badges?
I see a mention of them in magazine options.

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox These are the equivalents of Reddit flairs. The owner can define badges to additionally label and organize content in their own magazine. After the introduction of the new frontend, this feature has not been rewritten. We will be working on it in the coming months.

Damaskox ,

How does one embed a GIF so it shows in a comment without clicking any links?

Test: https://tenor.com/fi/view/this-is-just-sad-sad-angry-mock-horror-gif-11156785

Test 2: <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="11156785" data-share-method="host" data-aspect-ratio="1.77515" data-width="100%"><a href="https://tenor.com/view/this-is-just-sad-sad-angry-mock-horror-gif-11156785">This Is Just Sad Angry GIF</a>from <a href="https://tenor.com/search/this+is+just+sad-gifs">This Is Just Sad GIFs</a></div> <script type="text/javascript" async src="https://tenor.com/embed.js"></script>

Test 3: I tried to add it as a picture as a file from the computer but editing this comment doesn't add it.

Damaskox OP ,


ContentConsumer9999 ,

This works!

Skavau ,

Would it be of interest for someone to set up an /m/abandonedcommunities or /m/findamod or even some /m/revivedcommunities magazine to act as a megaphone for revived communities of interest, or to bring attention to unused communities? I know there's abandoned list but it's effectively a big wall of communities.

Damaskox ,

Would it be acceptable in kbin etiquette to add a tag in at least one thread in a magazine I created, and when talking about stuff in other places that touch the same topic, I use the same tag there as well to "promote" the existence of the magazine?

daredevil ,
@daredevil@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox I'd imagine it's alright, as long as you aren't doing so excessively. Other magazines/places might have a rule or disclaimer in the sidebar that will give you a rough idea on how they feel about it.

ernest ,
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

@Damaskox The magazine tags work in a way that automatically adds content to it that someone has tagged, for example, on Mastodon. The magazine's name is automatically a tag. I've seen comments on this matter, and I'll be addressing it soon to improve the mechanism and provide a detailed description of its operation in the admin panel. So, for example, all posts tagged on the microblog will be included in the magazine "books," but you can add a tag like in the panel if you want those tags to be included as well.

Damaskox ,

How do I add an image to a magazine so it's visible without clicking (image) links?
Didn't find info about it when searching.

Squidcopter ,
@Squidcopter@kbin.social avatar

So many magazines that were created by default as a result only have 1 moderator: Ernest.
While this is the case, anyone is free to post whatever the hell they want no matter how unrelated or low quality. This is what has prevented me from coming back daily.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

@Squidcopter sorry to hear this

Damaskox ,

@Squidcopter Can you look for a magazine where folks "behave"? Where they create content that actually follows the magazine's theme?
Yeah it can take resources to find one but if could be rewarding enough for ya to establish beginning conditions for you in here!

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