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Holzkohlen , in Most of us hate Microsoft, and yet many of us use VSCode avatar

I use vscodium btw.

alfisya , in Video editor for Linux? avatar
  • Kdenlive
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  • Pitivi
mactan , in Dual Boot Best Practices?

windows can and will destroy your bootloader at least once, show it no mercy

Ibaudia , in Video editor for Linux?

If it works on your setup, DaVinci resolve. If not, Kdenlive. Those are the only really professional video editing programs available at the moment.

luthis , in Video editor for Linux? avatar

You could try and

I haven't done much editing, but they are fairly popular and decent tools. They also come as an AppImage, which means they pretty much 'just work.'

And gets a mention for transcoding.

Nibodhika , in Video editor for Linux?

The only one I know of is kdenlive, not sure of it can do all of that but it has always been enough for everything I needed for video editing.

MigratingtoLemmy , (edited ) in Linus Torvalds on the state of Linux today and how AI figures in its future

I would have liked for Linus to maintain his angry-man-finger-thrusting self against evil corporates like Nvidia. I suppose I'm asking for too much, but his mild-mannerisms towards developers is a welcome change. Towards such corporates though, not so much. I would have liked some more motivated cursing against Intel and Nvidia and IBM. Oh well.

Other than that (which is a minor gripe from me at the most), touching message from Linus. Indeed, the maintainers are graying, and the current generation isn't that interested in kernel programming. I'm sure there will be talent around (as long as the big companies need Linux to run their servers, I'm sure someone will turn up), but someone to rise to the helm with a fiery approach to openness is very important to my heart. I don't think we will ever see another Linus in our lifetime, and I will personally grieve the day Linus and his core set of maintainers pass away.

I am not a programmer, and the best I can do is provide some funding to people who can/would engage directly with the kernel. But if the situation becomes so dire, I too will get my hands dirty, if nothing but to help the cause. Long live FOSS!

Ozy , in Is there a way to autocomplete user defined search terms in firefox search avatar


Ozy , in Dual Boot Best Practices? avatar

If you plan on using windows only for games and absolutely nothing else then there isn't much of a point in making a shared partition between the two OS'es. Just keep them separate, to each partition its own.
(So your first example win 100gb, Linux 400gb is what I personally would go with)

Unyieldingly , in nvidia-535 and Debian

Backports use to get Nvidia updates, I don't know if this is the case anymore.

Mesophar , in Dual Boot Best Practices?

I just did this with my desktop pc when I added a second drive for additional storage. Instead of using it as additional storage for windows like I initially intended, I decided to dual boot with Mint on the second drive.

So far, I haven't had any issue with gaming on Mint, either! Granted, most of the games I play are through Steam and either work with Proton or are native Linux to begin with. I did install a few games with Lutris, though, and works fine so far. Sea of Thieves, Astroneer, Slay the Spire, Deep Rock Galactic, are all working out of the box.

Only thing I haven't attempted yet are multiplayer games with active anti-cheat, like LoL or CS:2. If those are the sorts of games you regularly play, you'll probably be better off in the Windows partition/drive, but have fun experimenting in Linux!

fraddron , in Dual Boot Best Practices?

Default boot to Linux!
I had dual boot set up for years and never actually booted into Linux. Once I changed the default to Linux I never booted into windows again (and eventually deleted that partition)

IrritableOcelot , in Ayaneo Retro PC: Inspired by Mac, Runs Windows, Supports Ubuntu

So it's a "gaming" machine with only integrated graphics, in a small and presumably not-that-well-cooled, albeit retro, case? I don't see the appeal, and the article reads like ad copy, not a genuine opinion.

Unyieldingly , in Switching to Debian on my gaming pc

I been running Debian with a few Backports like Pipewire, Kernel, and Flatpak it has been good so far.

BCsven , in Dual Boot Best Practices?

Many people do dual drives, but if you install linux second and it is a distro thay uses grub with probe foreign OS them you don't really need two drives. make space on windows drive, in the linux installer create another boot partition, root and home. You set bios to boot Linux grub. Grub will launch and give you linux or choice to chainload to Windows. Windows is unaware it is getting kicked off by grub so the Windows and Lunux boot partitions leave each other alone. i can't vouch for every distro letting you setup like this but this is how my OoenSUSE has been since 2017

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