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A Sneak Peek at new linux distro Zorin OS 17


linuxdweeb ,

and KDE users didn’t even get anything new at all.

This is misinformation.

KDE users got a broken Nvidia driver.

jaeme ,

Zorin OS 17 isn't going to dethrone Linux Mint any time soon. I wish they switched to following Ubuntu LTS releases instead of being on their own timeline. 22.04 package base is going to be 2 years old by the time this releases.

They obviously spent a lot of time on aesthetics and simplicity which seems to be the main appeal of the distribution.

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Ich habe gestern mit den neuen GPTs von OpenAI rumgespielt und mir letztendlich für meine aktuellen Projekte drei tatsächlich hilfreiche Chatbots erstellt.

Say hello to "Linux Server Admin Assistant", "Bricks Builder Assistant" und "Kirby CMS Advisor". Derzeit frei verfügbar für alle, die es brauchen und ein Abo für ChatGPT abgeschlossen haben.

"Das ist nicht die Zukunft, aber man kann sie von hier aus sehen" (DXHR)

@bastianallgeier @linuxmint @linuxnews @linux @LinuxGuides

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Google Translate of the Post:

Yesterday I played around with the new GPTs from OpenAI and ended up creating three actually helpful chatbots for my current projects.

Say hello to “Linux Server Admin Assistant”, “Bricks Builder Assistant” and “Kirby CMS Advisor”. Currently freely available to anyone who needs it and has a ChatGPT subscription.

“This is not the future, but you can see it from here” (DXHR)

@bastianallgeier @linuxmint @linuxnews @linux @LinuxGuides

recursivesive ,

Könntest du einen schreiben, um deine Beiträge vor dem Posten zu übersetzen? 🤔

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Run command as not-root

Hi everyone

At work, I have to run a command in an AWS instance. In that particular instance only exists the root user. The command should not be executed with root privileges (it executes mpirun, which is not recommended to run as sudo or the machine might break), so I was wondering if there is a way to block or disable the sudo privileges while the command is running. As mentioned, the only user existing there is root, so I suppose "sudo -u" is not an option.

Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance!


ursakhiin ,

It’s not that an Amazon instance can be a docker container. It was more that the behavior you are describing is extremely odd for a full Linux environment but normal for a docker container.

If you created the instance, it isn’t likely a container. But it also sounds like the base image might be poorly set up

elscallr , avatar

You’ll thank yourself for it later. Things like this take a little longer up front but putting them off has a way of making you have to work around it again and again until, when you get around to correcting it, it takes far more time to undo the workarounds than it would’ve taken to correct it the first time.

BolexForSoup , avatar

Looking to dip my toes into Linux for the first time. I have a 2016 Intel MacBook Pro with pretty solid specs collecting dust right now that I think I’m going to use. Research so far has indicated to me that the two best options for me are likely Mint or Elementary OS. Does anyone have any insight? Also open to other OS’s. I would consider myself decently tech savvy but I am not a programmer or anything. Comfortable dipping into the terminal when the need arises and all that.


mogul ,

Me like cookies.

CuttingBoard ,

I just installed antiX and then MX on a 2008 macbook pro. It didn’t want to boot from a USB so I burned a DVD.

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Problem with WiFi driver in arch linux

Hi everyone

I've been trying to solve a problem with my arch (endeavour) instalation and wanted to know if anyone here can help

Everything is working well, excepting the WiFi connection. It is extremely slow, sometimes disconnecting from the network, and in the task bar, the WiFi icon shows that the signal strength is weak, although the router is in the same room. Switching between r8168 and r8169 as recommended doesnt work. Any ideas?


nirogu OP , avatar

@Rustmilian @linux Yeah, it's close to impossible to find documentation on what to do here. I'm trying to find out how is it that Fedora works well with the same hardware, and even considering changing the card itself, but for the moment at least my connection is much more stable after setting the iwlwifi.conf file
Once again, thank you for your help!

nirogu OP , avatar

@Link @linux Yep, writing from Tusky right now. The fediverse is great :)

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It’s not OP’s fault, but voting is how we’re supposed to curate content. This post doesn’t have a title or description so it’s a bad post on lemmy and I think downvoting it is acceptable. Don’t consider votes a reflection of a user’s value or standing

kariboka ,

Actually the problem is o Mastodon side. Mastodon developer refuse to use the same standards as everyone else.

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@linux thank God for Timeshift

VENMusica OP , avatar

@throwawayish snapper?

throwawayish ,

Snapper offers basically the same functionality as Timeshift and is -to my knowledge- developed by openSUSE’s team. So, while finding it therefore pre-configured on say openSUSE Tumbleweed makes sense, it’s also the preferred solution on some other distros like Garuda Linux, Siduction and Spiral Linux.

VENMusica , avatar

@linux I was able to install Keyscape on Ubuntu Studio, but the GUI won't work in the standalone or VST. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Should be similar if anyone has encountered this with Omnisphere

bahmanm , avatar

I’m afraid I can’t be of any help 😕

VENMusica OP , avatar

@bahmanm its OK, thank you for trying, I appreciate it!

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collegefurtrader ,

M as in mancy

Successful_Try543 ,

Like in math: given are the vector fields u, nu and v and the normal vector n …

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@linux any global mesh networks that could replace ISP's?

Eloquent_Vogon ,

@eclipse off lan on public LoRa if possible

eclipse ,

Meshtastic just forwards your requests through other peoples devices until it gets where it needs. It acts as a big repeater system. I haven’t experimented with it much outside of just sending messages. I think you are able to transfer actual small files but that’s the limits.

VENMusica , avatar

@linux I just switched from windows 10 to Ubuntu Studio last Saturday, just wrapped up the transition yesterday. I love Linux. It is how a computer should be. I lost access to my audio interface, Keyscape VST and Valorant, but I have gained so much more. The Terminal is so much better than Windows neutered offering

VENMusica OP , avatar

@Toidi @the_postminimalist haha I ended up getting rid of all of what you listed , but for someone just starting out and doesn't have money for much, its perfect

Toidi ,

Yeah there is just so much choice now with Linux audio, all of those above are good for beginners. My son regularly uses Guitarix and hydrogen when he is working on something new, before the band get together with the real hardware. Ardour is a great introductory DAW that people can learn before they move on to something like Reaper or pro tools.

With the introduction of pipewire as well recently, the whole Alsa, jack, pulse nightmare is rapidly looking like a thing of the past.

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For the future, it’s probably best to post to Lemmy communities from a Lemmy, kbin, or Friendica account; otherwise you risk the formatting of your message getting badly messed up, as it has here. It’s cool that you can post here from Mastodon but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

It would also have helped if you included some description with your link.

Vittelius ,

You can actually write posts from a Mastodon account that look well on Lemmy. All you have to do is follow a few basic rules.

  1. Your post must include a line break. Everything above the break will be converted into the title of the post, everything below into the body.
  2. Don’t put any hyperlinks into your title. That includes hashtags and @ mentions. See the original post for why
  3. Keep your headline short. Lemmy has a character limit for the headline and if you exceed it your title might just end mid sentence
  4. Put the @ mention of the community at the end of your post. It’s nothing but a technical necessity, so treat it as such and hide it away at the bottom of your post

If you follow these rules you can write posts from Mastodon

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Thanks to suggestions from @linux, is now up to 76 distros! Show your pride with free printable “Powered by” Linux .

Don’t see your favorite? Send me a link to your favorite distro’s print-quality logo and I’ll add it.

Zicoxy3 ,

awesome… Thanks…

jpittman ,

Whats the best solution for remote controlling Gnome linux workstation from macOS on a local network? @linux

ulkesh , avatar

I’m sorry, and I know everyone recommends it, but RustDesk is not fully baked. Every time I have tried it, I consistently have issues with the Mac client.

I’m also looking for a good, reliable, and fast Remote Desktop solution between my Mac and my Linux rig. It used to be TeamViewer, then they got to be greedy. Then it was Chrome Remote Desktop, but it doesn’t work well on Arch (for me, anyway) and I’ve de-Googled myself as much as I’m able. Then I tried RustDesk and I had nothing but issues.

I may go back to NoMachine. It wasn’t perfect, but it at least worked most of the time.

danielfgom , avatar

Rustdesk, Anydesk, TeamViewer or VNC.

pradeepmalarvannan , avatar

Shifted to MX Linux, based on Debian, with Xfce desktop. Looks not bad in my opinion, but let's see how it goes. @thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @debian

pradeepmalarvannan OP , avatar

@thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @debian A small update. For some reason, MX Linux has a lot of issues while installing software like RStudio, Discord etc. If I can't fix those somehow, I might hop distro again.

pradeepmalarvannan OP , avatar

@thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @debian
Update: Switched to Lubuntu to have an experience of LXQT. Let's hope it doesn't have those issues.

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