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kspatlas ,
@kspatlas@kbin.cafe avatar

Is there a way to only see followed users in the Microblog section?

readbeanicecream ,
@readbeanicecream@kbin.social avatar

Interesting video on the fediverse: https://framatube.org/w/9dRFC6Ya11NCVeYKn8ZhiD

trashHeap ,
@trashHeap@kbin.social avatar

Anyone know, when setting up a magazine, if there is a delay for posts to puplate in to the Microblog section? I've setup the hashtags, but don't see anything coming in. ?

Chozo ,
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

I just got logged out. Logged back in, and found a freshly-upgraded magazine search. Sick!

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

@Chozo But wait.. there is more ;)

Chozo OP ,
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

@melroy Oh yeah? What else have you guys got in store for us? :)

Semmelstulle ,
@Semmelstulle@kbin.social avatar

Is it just me or does the Lemmy community actively ignoring the existence of kbin? I see a lot of posts explicitly mentioning Lemmy users but only posts from kbinners mention both platforms.

Semmelstulle OP ,
@Semmelstulle@kbin.social avatar

@melroy Lemmy look it up

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

@Semmelstulle I'm joking. I'm a kbin developer.

Chozo ,
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

Is anyone else unable to view /m/kbinmeta/newest? It's throwing me the "We are working on resolving the issues" error. Not sure if it's related to the stability issues I've been seeing today or not. But I can view /newest in other magazines just fine, though.

Chozo ,
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

Just trying to understand how the microblog function works in Kbin. When it asks to select a magazine to post to, is that basically the same as adding a hashtag to a toot as if I were posting on a Mastodon instance?

Also, if I post a microblog to a remote community (such as to a lemmy.world community), how does that show up on LemmyWorld? Also, how does that show up on a Mastodon instance?

chimay ,

@Chozo it means that people subscribed to that magazine will see your post in their microblog feed.

in fact, the microblog contains :

  • the users you follow (from mastodon or others)
  • the magazines in your subscriptions
ReallyKinda ,

How to view a feed of subscriptions only? I’ve gone into the settings and chosen the homepage drop-down that says subscriptions and saved. I’ve also chosen “subscribed ” under the drop-down next to my name in the top right while on the Home Screen. Neither seem to impact what shows up in my feed. Help?

ReallyKinda OP ,

I’ve found my issue! Early on I must have subscribed to some entire instances without understanding what I was doing. This causes communities that you’re not subscribed to individually to show in your subscriptions feed (since you’re subscribed to the entire instance). Leaving up in case it helps others troubleshoot.

ZILtoid1991 ,
@ZILtoid1991@kbin.social avatar

Is kbin vulnerable to the same kind of Javascript insertion attack as Lemmy was recently?

Chozo ,
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

@ZILtoid1991 I don't believe so. The exploit involved stealing cookies via the renderer used for custom emojis, which not every Lemmy instance has. I don't believe Kbin has any such features in place, so while it's possible for the exploit to still somehow happen here, it wouldn't be in the exact same way, at the very least.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

@minnieo @lavender @fearout Would you like to take a look at this ticket, if you feel inspired to work on it? https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/issues/671 Any help or ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!

lavender ,
@lavender@kbin.social avatar

@melroy Done and done! Love being a part of this, so if there are posts of similar nature I might miss in the tracker, do ping me!

melroy OP Admin ,
melroy avatar

@can seems to work fine here.

ReallyKinda ,

I found the neat visual customization options (color, rounded corners, etc) but the changes don’t seem to stick! Is this a me thing or kbin thing?

VerifiablyMrWonka ,
@VerifiablyMrWonka@kbin.social avatar

@ReallyKinda It uses cookies and so is per-browser - but they are retained for a long time. I've not seen them disappear.

ReallyKinda OP ,

Ohh that would explain it, thanks! I use a browser that’s…quite light on cookie permissions.

brilokuloj ,
@brilokuloj@kbin.social avatar

I haven't been on here in a while since I've been busy. I'm glad to see they finally fixed reputation, if they just did away with that number altogether I probably wouldn't care either way, but having plenty of upvoted posts and still having only "-1" because of a mass downvoter was more of a bummer and a deterrent to posting than I expected

elucubra , Spanish

Does lemmy content automatically show here, or do I have to do something. It seem to me that it doesn't

Gwent ,

It does and vice-versa. I mainly use Kbin but this comment is from Lemmy (specifically Beehaw.org)

elucubra OP ,

Thanks. I still haven't found a guide that makes these things clear. I have the feeling that these things are still evolving a bit

GataZapata ,

Hello, I want to use microblog to follow dice.cloud, because I really like ttrpg. How do I do that? I know how to follow magazines in other instances of fedi, ie kbin.social/m/rpg@lemmy.ml for example.

How do I get to dice.cloud and subscribe?

floppy ,
@floppy@rabbitea.rs avatar

Do you mean dice.camp? In theory you can go to https://kbin.social/d/dice.camp and follow the entire instance, I think the 404 is because it doesn't know of it. You might need to follow or search for an individual user first. I'm not sure following an entire instance is a good idea.

GataZapata OP ,

@floppy yes that is what I meant!

Might following the whole instance be too much and overwhelm my feed, or what is the worry?

Might I be better off moving accounts to there of my primary interest is talking about TTRPG and other stuff to me is bonus? I chose kbin because I come from reddit, and it seemed similar. To my understanding dice.camp is mastodon so more like Twitter?

blazera ,
@blazera@kbin.social avatar

"The magazine from the federated server may be incomplete. Browse more on the original instance."

I dont understand this issue. Why is it taking a week in some cases for some text or image from another server to make it here? Is it bottlenecking somewhere? If so how do posts from other servers get here in seconds?

pieceofthepie ,
@pieceofthepie@n8e.dev avatar

@stanford @ernest Annoyingly, they have not fully defederated. Due to the nature of ActivityPub lemmy.ml users can view and interact with kbin instance magazines and content just fine.

stanford ,
@stanford@discuss.as200950.com avatar

I have talked to them, should be fixed by now 🙂

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