Level 5’s DecaPolice seems to be a lot of peoples favourite game at the Tokyo Game Show (

The beautifully animated game is a fusion of game genres, which generally shouldn’t work together, however, in Decapolice’s case they all seamlessly come together and it has ultimately left those who played it at the event very impressed. Level-5 has called the experience a “Crime Suspense RPG” which sees you investigate...

"It's the content, stupid." - Quick Notes to Supercharge K.Bin (

Like you, I'm a passionate user of K.Bin but lately, I'm noticing that things are getting kinda stale around here. The most recent thread in this, the top-level magazine on K.Bin, is 4 days old. Many other top 25 magazines are also suffering from a similar lack of fresh content. I run /m/scifi and it's been continuing to grow...

Dead NFTs: The Evolving Landscape of the NFT Market (

TL;DR: The NFT market has drastically declined since its peak in 2021, with most NFT collections having no value. There’s an oversupply of NFTs, leading to a buyer’s market, and environmental concerns due to energy consumption. Top NFTs also struggle to maintain value, and the future of NFTs depends on utility and genuine...

6x Tougher Than Kevlar: Spider Silk Is Spun by Genetically Modified Silkworms for the First Time (

Scientists in China have developed a method to produce spider silk from genetically modified silkworms, offering a strong, sustainable alternative to synthetic fibers with applications in various industries. Researchers have synthesized spider silk from genetically modified silkworms, producing f

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