Screen goes black periodically when playing video games

Hi all, Not sure if this is a distro specific, DE specific, a monitor brand specific or just linux/AMD in general. So, I have an RX580 GPU. It is an older one, but does just for what I do on my PC (emulation). Everything works fine until I start one of the emulators and play a game. I have two 27" 4k monitors, a dell and a...

Why Do Companies Not Use Existing 2FA Standards?

This is something I am seeing more and more of. As companies start to either offer or require 2FA for accounts, they don’t follow the common standards or even offer any sort of options. One thing that drives me nuts is when they don’t offer TOTP as an option. It seems like many companies either use text messages to send a...

Square Enix's producers are an asset, not a problem, former senior exec says (

Final Fantasy maker Square Enix is right to bring more of its games to Microsoft's Xbox and keep taking risks on new games, a former senior executive at the company tells Axios. However, he said it should not heed critics who say the company is too dependent on star game producers.

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