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This comment summed it up well…

For all the reasons that this might not take off, what a thrill that people are trying something new–and it looks really nicely designed too.

I think this is easy to dismiss at first glance, but I genuinely believe they’re trying to think about a new mode of interaction. The idea that “the computer will disappear” is probably accurate in the long term. Except for content delivery (reading, photos, movies), most tasks we achieve via computers and phones do not strictly require a screen. It’s probably a good thing if computers did a better job of getting out of the way, and stop so loudly disrupting human interactions.

Whether this will be the solution is unclear; the privacy/creepiness angle is still real with an outwards-facing camera. Latency and battery life limitations might be too significant. The cost will be a non-starter for many (it is for me).

But I’m still impressed because there was a vision here. The conversational interface has never worked before for many reasons, but that does not mean it cannot work in principle, or that the ideal implementation would not be spellbinding. I’m glad they’re trying. Also, the laser display is neat!

Source: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38211382

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Why not both? I left Reddit at around 2 million karma and made frontpage weekly. Lemmy is better though.


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