So, Fake Images of Trump With Black Voters Are a Thing Now ( slate.com )

Recently, Donald Trump fans in Florida and Michigan have been auto-generating and spreading around faked “pictures” of Trump surrounded by crowds of Black supporters—and earning significant traction for doing so. Coming at a time when President Joe Biden is worried about losing the Black voters who came out for his 2020...

Former Obama adviser: Kushner engaged in ‘level of corruption that we’ve just never seen’ with foreign relations ( thehill.com )

Former Obama deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner engaged in a “level of corruption that we’ve just never seen” when talking about his firm’s recent investments overseas. ...

Column: Jack Smith's latest push to get Donald Trump's Jan. 6 trial moving before the election ( www.latimes.com )

"Given the importance of the trial schedule, the key practical question is whether the court focuses solely on Trump’s case or endorses immunity in other instances. Smith’s gambit is a fallback that would let the court order the trial to proceed even if its opinion extends to broader principles of immunity."

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