Sheeple , avatar

But edge is chrome.

As a former edge user. I now use Firefox.

ArbitraryValue ,

OS ships with a browser.


OS ships with a browser.


abbotsbury , avatar

It's not "shipping with a browser" that was ever the problem.

Xanvial ,

your OS ships with a browser.


my OS ships with a browser.


kpw ,

Browsers are bloat.
-- average Arch user

phorq ,

As an arch user, I'm confused... Doesn't everyone use curl as their browser?

kpw ,

I recently switched to netcat, this lets me control the TCP stream more directly.

rustydrd , avatar

Not related to Arch, but behold Richard Stallmann describing how he uses the internet: (see section "How I use the internet" and the other section below that with the same title).

nixcamic ,

In fact, what I use is Maté (an English way of writing the Spanish word Mate).

As a Spanish speaker I'd just like to say

A: wtf is this even supposed to mean?
B: mate and maté are two entirely different words.
C: The mate desktop environment is named after hierba mate, no é.

Kanda ,

Imagine not enjoying the internet via curl

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