Karma FW | Internet FireWall

Ever wanted to block an app from using the internet? Why does my keyboard need access to the internet? Can i block ads in this game when it has no internet access?

There are many reasons one might want to block an app from using the internet. Recently i came across a FOSS app that acts as a proxy and only allows selected apps from passing through and connecting to the internet. Set it up once and let it run from boot automatically after setup.

Unlike Xiaomi devices, sadly there are few Android skins that supports this feature out of the box. This app brings it to all.

GitHub, Fdroid and Download

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@geometry dash world You pretend to be a tux (because, well, why not) which is said to be a race that is naturally adept at using computers, or something similar, and as a result they are very skilled at hacking and programming. Instead of using spells, they employ programs to attack their enemies, which are robots.

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