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Swiss student 🧑‍🎓️🇨🇭️
I am mainly interested by Open source development, Linux/GNOME news, new technologies, chemestry...

I'll mostly toot in English 🇬🇧️ or French 🇫🇷️

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@fediverse Fediverse user growth jumped to ~50'000'000 users. What happened ?
The FediDB Fediverse User Growth graph shows a significant jump in user count in February. Software distribution is also 81% other, and the biggest server is fediverse.hanbitgaram.com with 39 million users ! What happened ?

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@fediverse Is this a title ?

So... Theoretically this should be visible from Lemmy. Hi Lemmy users ! Greeting from Mastodon !
(Im never leaving the fediverse if this works)

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