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Someone told me in the comments section that it's not safe to put up a link, so I didn't put up a download link for Windows Update Blocker. I wonder if anyone can tell me if this post is still helpful without putting the link?

What if the Realtek RTL8821CE WIFI module is not recognized under the Ubuntu system? ( www.hystou.com )

Overview:Most linux operating systems (such as Ubuntu) do not integrate Realtek RTL8821CE driver in the system library, so you can't use WIFI in the operating system, and if you want to use WIFI networking, you need to install the driver manually. Here is how to install the driver:...

How to install the Intel i225/i226-V network card driver under Windows Server system? ( www.hystou.com )

Overview: Intel network cards come in two product lines, with i225-V/i226-V belonging to the consumer-grade line. The -LM suffix denotes the commercial-grade product line. By default, Windows Server only installs network card drivers for the commercial-grade line. However, it's possible to forcibly install them using modified...

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