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Siobhan Angus, Camera Geologica: An Elemental History of Photography - Duke University Press, March 2024

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Un nouveau regard sur la photographie
📸 « Dans Camera Geologica, Siobhan Angus raconte l’histoire de la photographie à travers les minéraux dont dépend le médium. [...] Angus se concentre sur les liens inextricables entre la création d’images et l’extraction des ressources [...]. »

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What is the story behind the profile picture you are currently using here on the today?

The other day I asked for everyone to share their story of the username(s) that they use, and you can see that thread here:

Let's hear why you've chosen the image you've chosen!

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You already knew that is a great replacement for and can be used with . You also already knew that kbin was a great replacement for . But did you know that kbin can filter by and ; making it a great replace for and ? Learn more at:

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Parce qu'il n'est jamais trop tard :

Ancien twittos ravi d'avoir migré chez les mastos pour épargner un peu de santé mentale (à defaut davoir retrouvé foi en l'humanité...).
Intéressé par les sujets d' et de , même si beaucoup à faire pour allier les actes à la pensée (j'y travaille)...
Passionné de (au sens large), de musique ( principalement), de et de (dans une vie antérieure).
Coureur et buveur de à mes heures perdues.

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CBI Image o' Day

Two of the Women Who Programmed the ENIAC, Penn, 1946.

Iconic photograph of Betty Jean Jennings (left) at edge of photo inserts a deck of cards containing initial data on which the ENIAC will operate, while Frances Bilas (right) removes a set of cards representing the result of the proceeding computation.


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Traveling light! So nice tackling audio edits from a foldable. We had all kinds of issues with my mic for this week's show, but I was able to balance it out a bit, without having to fire up a laptop. 😊

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I guess this is the "Hello World" of 3D printing 😁

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