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I used to be on #GooglePlus
I have never been on Twitter
Now I am here..

Since turning on publicly searchable posts, my posts now (mostly) delete after 2 weeks. Sorry!

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georgetakei , to Random
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Thank you to Stephen Colbert and everyone at The Late Show for the opportunity to come and speak about my new book, “My Lost Freedom.” These stories are important, and I'm grateful for the chance to share mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QQKrFV-FbM

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Did you ask him to join Mastodon?

Did you tell him we have ?

rbreich , to Random
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Researchers estimate that if the top 1% of Americans paid the full amount of taxes they owed, it would raise $175 billion a year.

That’s just UNPAID taxes. Not new or higher taxes.

How about we make them pay their fair share and use the money to invest in the American people?

xdydx ,
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Not that I don't believe it, but siting your researchers your be great!

AkaSci , (edited ) to Random
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A halo Coronal Mass Ejection CME, associated with an X1.1 flare at the Sun, was detected earlier today. A halo CME is one headed for earth.

The CME is expected to arrive at Earth late on 24 Mar through 25 Mar. Periods of G2 (Moderate) storming are likely on 24 Mar and periods of G3 (Strong) storming are likely on 25 Mar.
Keep an eye for strong Auroras Sunday night.

xdydx ,
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It would be cool if you tagged the post with or please!

rkrizmanics , to Historikerinnen group
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Always happy to find traces of Second World-Global South entanglements in contemporary literature.

The latest catch: Baťa-spotting in Bernardine Evaristo's Girl, Woman, Other. Without the symbol of palatalization (as per usual on the global market), but still, there it is: the shoes produced by the socialist Czechoslovak company feature in a Nigerian setting (and the book is superb read).

@histodons @historikerinnen

xdydx ,
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@rkrizmanics @CitizenWald @histodons @historikerinnen
I grew up wearing Bata shoes all over Africa and never knew it was a Czech company until a few years ago

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