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Associate Professor at SLAC. (NY, USA) and #Histodon working on #HistoricalJustice and #HistoricalDialogue. Personal acct, not representing employer. Interests: #HumanRights #Reconciliation #Restitution #Reparations

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dangillmor , to Random
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Trump has discovered the "liars' dividend" -- insisting that an truthful video is faked because we're learning not to trust anything we see -- and "AI" is compounding the problem.


xankarn ,
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Hyper-skepticism is corrosive to democracy.

By amplifying and accelerating the influx of bullshit, AI will quickly push us to the point where social bonds break and the collective becomes ungovernable.

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Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh, PA, 2023.

All the pixels at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mattblaze/52977939495/

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Childhood nostalgia. Used to goof around in there waiting for my mom to run her punch cards on the way to a comp sci bachelor’s degree circa 1980-81.

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When you’re 20+ years into an academic career and most of your intellectual flailing boils down to having missed/glossed over one of the seminal works in your field during grad school.

xankarn , to histodons group
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Ludmilla Jordanova (Emeritus, U Durham) in History as Practice (Bloomsbury, 2019):

“It is in the interest of many groups to present the past in simplified moralistic and didactic terms, which play upon intense feelings. The problem is that feelings are not always a very good guide because, by their very nature, they make people uncritical.”

Agree/disagree. Emotions are antithetical to critical thought/inquiry?

georgetakei , to Random
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xankarn ,
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Party over country. The Mitch McConnell legacy.

aram , to AcademicsUnite group
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If you know any who have seemed stressed out, down at the mouth, or even a little paranoid lately, this @washingtonpost article does a good job of explaining why. The strain of working for a bulwark of democratic society that is under sustained right wing assault is... significant. [gift link]
https://wapo.st/41NdAet @academicchatter @academicsunite

xankarn ,
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@aram @washingtonpost @academicchatter @academicsunite

Berlin 1935?

“A reckoning is coming to higher education,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), whose questioning during a congressional hearing led to the resignations of the president of the University of Pennsylvania and then, on Tuesday, Gay. “This is just the beginning of exposing the rot in our most ‘prestigious’ higher education institutions.”

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jillrhudy , to librarians group
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Most outrageous library patron requests in 12 years:

  1. I know you all have better candy in the back. Go get me some.
  2. Trace my family history back 950 years to William the Conqueror and I don’t want that internet stuff. I want a family tree printed on paper.
  3. Make me out a will. My kid gets everything, that isn’t too hard.
    Let’s see your top three!

xankarn ,
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@jillrhudy @librarians

The public…is an ass?

ml , to plantscience group
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Let's hear a little chatter out there, Botany Fediverse!

What plant first caught your eye and got you into plants -and why?

Reply and boost! @plantscience

xankarn ,
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@ml @plantscience

Not a botanist, but wondering if others here failed as children at hand-raising/feeding a Venus flytrap?

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The most recent Brookings Survey of American Attitudes has some interesting data for @histodons.

Asked whether “We should teach our children both the good and bad aspects of our history so that they can learn from the past,” 94% of respondents answered positively.

The book ban people, the Moms for Liberty types, the anti-CRT clique is minuscule and WAY out of touch with the cultural mainstream.

So, feel free to call them on their bullshit.


xankarn OP ,
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@neveralways @histodons

Fair point. Who knows what they consider to be the bad stuff?

18+ AimeeMaroux , to histodons group
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When women are without men they must "skin the skinned dog*" 🐶

, 158


@AncientPLay @antiquidons @histodons

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xankarn , to Historikerinnen group
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Call for Proposals/Abstracts

Historical Dialogues, Justice, and Memory Network

💥 10th Network Conference 💥

"Travels Beyond the Holocaust:
Memorialization, Musealization and Representation of Atrocities in Global Dialogue"

Vienna, Austria
25-28 June, 2024

Deadline for abstracts: 1 December.

Details: http://historicaldialogues.org/network-conference-2/

@histodons @historikerinnen

Barros_heritage , to AcademicChatter group
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Over 7400 books available.


For example, "Exhibiting atrocity : memorial museums and the politics of past violence" by Amy Sodaro (Rutgers University Press, 2018).



xankarn ,
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@Barros_heritage @academicchatter @bookstodon @libraries @Denying_History @histodons

This is a FANTASTIC book. I’m reading the chaps on the USHMM and 9/11 Memorial Museum with my Intro to Museum Studies class this semester.

RPBook , to histodons group
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Interesting about Japanese Americans in the and the fight for recognition of the wrong that was done to them.
@worldwarshistory @histodons

xankarn ,
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@RPBook @worldwarshistory @histodons

Some will argue that have been paid to the internees, so we shouldn't have to talk about this history or dwell on it any longer.

But rehearsing this is important, in part, for the way it creates pressure and incentive to enact for other groups and victims whose injuries have never been fully acknowledged, much less repaired.

xankarn ,
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@RPBook @worldwarshistory @histodons

Here's a very good article, about what it would mean to engage with the history of internments and anti-Japanese bigotry in a thoroughgoing manner.

It wasn't only in the USA that civilians with Japanese heritage were mistreated and persecuted.


xankarn ,
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@RPBook @worldwarshistory @histodons

Agree. We hear, in some circles, the notion that discussions of past injustice are divisive or that they foist guilt unfairly onto the living.

I see it differently. What's divisive, I'd say, are the blockades that these people erect to prevent more conversation/contemplation.

Nor do I buy arguments about collective guilt. Engaging w historical injustice is abt weighing responsibilities of citizenship, not villifying the perps or their descendants.

xankarn ,
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@rkrizmanics @histodons @historikerinnen

Sounds very interesting. Congratulations!

xankarn , to histodons group
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Introduction time. Associate prof of and studies at SLAC in NY, USA. Also interested in . Currently the convenor of the Historical Dialogues, Justice, and Memory Network, still tweeting (for now) @HistDialogue. Profile and select pubs: https://colgate.academia.edu/AlexanderKarn. Happy to find a not-for-profit platform for non-algorithmic convo and networking. @histodons

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