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#horror #film #ClassicfFilm #Halloween #crafting #salmon

Vancouver, BC, Canada
38, she/her/they/them

Letterboxd: vigourmortis
IG: sarahmichael666
Slasher: vigour.mortis

crafting: https://mas.to/@abitofglueandpaper

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ElizabethLeeCo , to horror
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Noooooooooo 🥺

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Cancelled, Ending With Final Season 6 FX – TVLine


vigour_mortis ,
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@ElizabethLeeCo @horror Guillermo spin-off?

stina_marie , to horror

🚨📣💀 PSA 💀📣🚨:

ShudderTV is having a double feature watch party every Fri (6PST/9EST) in Nov:

11/3: Hell House LLC Director's Cut
" Origins
11/10: Birth/Rebirth
Angry Black Girl & Her Monster

11/17: When Evil Lurks/Terrified

11/24: This one might be a dud, but you can judge; link in comments

*They're also getting the entire Hannibal series

Might do a live post-along to some of these 🤔


vigour_mortis ,
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@stina_marie @horror I love this idea and I hope it catches on!

vigour_mortis ,
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@stina_marie @horror For sure! I am definitely going to try and participate, especially if I know y'all are as well on here!

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