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The trash goblin who runs retro.pizza. Xennial nerd, genderqueer lesbian, foster cat parent, anticapitalist, neurodivergent, exhausted 24/7. Former geek culture columnist, former editor for a gay romance publisher, currently able to pay my bills and kind of hating it. Voted Most Likely To Die Falling Down Stairs After Being Tripped By A Cat While Carrying An Old CRT. #Fedi22

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trixter , to Today I Learned
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I’m a feral desktop Linux user and TIL that /etc isn’t “etcetera” like a sensible person would think, it’s “et-cee” like I’m shopping for a charming handmade scarf, and honestly y’all can keep it.

trixter OP ,
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@Aatube Not et-cee-tera, just et-cee! Like the person who originally named it meant for it to be "etcetera" but other people came along and didn't know what "etcetera" was so they just read it literally as "etc".

trixter OP ,
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@Aatube I mean specifically in the context of the /etc directory in a Linux installation. I'm sorry if that's not clear! I certainly agree that calling it "et-cee" is incorrect but that seems to be what they call that directory. It was in a training course I was doing and it's been confirmed by other Linux folks when I've brought it up.

trixter , to Random
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So I'm curious:

People with a Nintendo Switch, what's your preference for docked vs handheld? Do you almost always do one or the other, does it depend on the game, does it depend on what you're doing while gaming? And if you also have a PS5 or Xbox X|S, what's your preference for games that are available on both that and the Switch?

trixter , to Random
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This is my first at home instead of at work, let's see how this goes!

heyfluxay , to Random
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Hmmm to start with Mint or Ubuntu?

trixter ,
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@heyfluxay I'm in an open relationship with Mint, I'll mess around with others but it's the one I always go back to.

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