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Toots deleted regularly. Requests there to combat bots.

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@georgetakei Next time he goes on a darkness retreat, they should just lock him in there for good

georgetakei , to Random

The “Expert”…

trebach ,
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@georgetakei The previous owners actually installed a cat door on the bedroom door that they could lock

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Merry Christmas from the LabPlot team! 🎅 🎄

@opensource @kde

trebach ,
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@LabPlot @kde @opensource Is that the equation from QI?

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Many people do take the effort to set that all up but don’t wanna change default passwords cause it’s ’too much trouble’ :blobcatgiggle:

trebach ,
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@DavidMHarlan @stux Our state at least just has counting machines to read the filled in bubbles on paper ballots. If there's something wrong, they can go back and have a person count the paper ballots

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Alex Jones is ordered to pay $1.1 billion of Sandy Hook damages despite bankruptcy in a ruling by Judge Christopher Lopez

…A bankruptcy that allows him to personally spend $93,000 a month including multiple vacations to Hawaii.

…And allows assets to be hidden via his parents and close friends

…While he pays precisely $0 to his victims

Seize his assets.

trebach ,
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@flexghost IIRC, there's already a team of forensic accountants trying to discover all of his assets that he's buried in a web on shell companies

stux , to Random
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I wonder

If Trump would end up in jail, and I reeeaaallly much hope he does..

How does that work with this "lifetime Secret Service protection"?

Bodyguards in front his cell? :bloblaugh:

trebach ,
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@alda @stux He'd probably get sent to a minimum security facility (which still has walls, gates, guards, etc) based on his offenses but not "Club Fed" (minimum security camp) because of him being a flight risk.

Then he'd shoot his mouth off, get in a fight, and end up in medium security instead

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