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Estudante de Engenharia Informática apaixonado pela área; algures em Portugal.

Administrador da instância lemmy.pt.

Computer Science student, passionate about the field; somewhere in Portugal.

lemmy.pt instance administrator.


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tmpod Mod ,
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I've loved the idea behind Lemmy since I first discovered. At first, I was using lemmy.ml, but then I saw the opportunity to provide a nice space and expand my sysadmin skills. Since there was no Portuguese instance yet, I thought why not create one?
Since then, I've met more people hosting Portuguese services and it has been great :D

For funding, I'm working on two ways: the typical donations and trying to secure support from local FOSS organizations. At the moment, the server costs are not prohibitive and there have been some donations already. I've also been talking to some of those orgs and it's going well :)

tmpod ,
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Liftoff is basically a fork of the “old” Lemmur. It’s kinda sad they don’t even mention it anywhere on the repo :/ (they mention in the app’s about page)


tmpod ,
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I didn't know anything about Raddle besides the name until now. But gosh, is that a needlessly toxic pit. There's a poor guy there getting completely beaten up by an admin and some others which seem to be enjoying their time-wasting public bullying. Oh well...

tmpod OP ,
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They sure will fight it. The main counter-argument I see is water proofing, but I believe I've seen a phone with good proofing but still accessible. Don't remember the brand and model though.

tmpod OP ,
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They could certainly do better, but they do quite a bit yeah.

tmpod OP ,
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Yeah, agreed

tmpod OP ,
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Dang, looking at those phones from back then, they were such good designs. Simple yet effective.

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