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taanegl ,

Please don’t conflate markets, products and services with capitalism. That’s yee old liberal con. Capitalism is a modern invention and it’s all about speculation, non-existent liquidity, shell and shelf companies and bringing back usury run amok, what would have people burned at the stake during Jesus times.

taanegl ,

If it were up to the lawyers and capitalists and not open source responding to it you’d still be paying to copy files. Imagine that? A subscription for basic utility, and removing it did not “impede competition” or “remove incentive”.

But hey, if you want to, I could rig your phone and computer to pay me a dollar every time you copy or move a file, ya’know, since you’re in to that stuff.

taanegl ,

Awwww =3 poor widdle doom scroller. Is there too much politics? Well tough tits, youngin! Everything is political and you should be able to accept it popping up everywhere.

As for fatigue from politics that try to subvert and enrage you, have you tried not listening to said politics? What? You watch Tucker Carlson?! GTFO here…

taanegl ,

Did I hit a nerve? UwU

taanegl ,

There’s something I’d like to call “the Bethesda” bar. It’s basically an industrial bar lower than most. Let’s define what that means:

  • releasing the same game over and over
  • make games so buggy that a release with only a couple hundred of glitches is deemed "polished*
  • ignore progressive development for things like NPC AI
  • put all the money in marketing and hype
  • make the user think they’re getting something new, rather than just another boilerplate game

I’m sure the story writers did some characters justice, but I won’t be playing this game - especially since Bethesda claims it “can’t run on older hardware”, despite the fact that modders are proving them wrong.

The Betheada bar is a cancer upon the industry and I view it as consumer facing psy-ops, relying on brain-dead fanboys with nothing going on in their lives to squeal with glee as a new AAA-title is released to fill that void.

taanegl ,

30s: haha human body go brrrrrrprlrprlprrlrplplkadunkkadunkflpflpflpflpflpflpblpblpblplplplplplp…wheeze.

taanegl ,

And another studio hits the dust. So long! We hardly knew yee. At least be grateful you haven’t ended up in the Call of Duty mines, like Raven.

taanegl ,

haha pre-installed vendor garbage go brrrrr

taanegl ,

Wow, sanctioning a country to hell, by the very closest trading partner who pretty much holds an inordinate amount of sway in the entire continent and in the entire world no less regarding trade deals sure seems innocent the way you put it.

It’s not like average Cubans suffered and the powerful were protected. Surely it wasn’t stupid gesturing brought on by grandstansing politicians who were looking for more circus to their bread. Surely not.

It surely wasn’t another vein attempt by US politicians made to foster an internalised rebellion, that never took off, because Cuban secret police held the fort. Surely it wasn’t all a huge, worthless game, that made ordinary Cubans suffer most of all…

…because that would be dumb posturing. I mean backwards, brain-dead, completely moronic, inhumane and unethical use of power.

oh, wait…

taanegl ,

Uhm, dumbass. “Plenty of trading partners” includes China, Russia, BRICS more or less, requiring access to the straits down to Cuba (something that isn’t so easy for Russia), but excludes the EU, America in general, all due to a combination of sanctions and trade agreements where those sanctions are built in. So every other Latin-American country that wants to do business with them has to abstain, unless they too get targeted by republican and democrat psychos who jerk them selves to sleep thinking “McCarthy did nothing wrong”.

So yeah, “plenty of trading partners”. Cuba is like that victim that gets choked as well as beaten and the assailant (the US) claiming that “they were asking for it”.

Again, read up on US sanctions, trading agreements and remind yourself that the US government is as subversive and crooked as Russia. Cuba isn’t suffering because of communism - or at least the communism alone - but is but one of many countries that have been subverted by the US government.

The funny and sad thing here is it’s the same problem: centralisation of power. The US has way too much power and should get knocked down a peg.

taanegl ,

Aw shit, anarchists and tankies inbound.

taanegl ,

My god, ISP email service. I know some stragglers have their email address still where I come from, but all that was migrated to a third party email provider instead. ISP email service.

Boy, that brings back memories.

taanegl , (edited )

EDIT: did not know about the allegations from the former employee and it just saddens me. I was only aware of the cooling block and it’s auctioning when I wrote this.

This thread you made is cringe. Grow tf up and try to have some understanding for once in a while.

Big corporations will always pull fake apologies and complain that consumers are beligerent little hotheads who’s opinion doesn’t matter in the long run. You’re proving their point right now.

But if say LTT actually does pull out of this amicably and their words are followed by prompt action that remedies the situation, we can in turn look at Intel, AMD, Nvidia and the likes and say “see? That’s how it’s done”.

As tech jesus himself said in his expose video is that we all make mistakes.

Do not attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity, and the way LMG has been working has been stupid.

Don’t give the bastards an inch, I understand. But let us be clear about who the bastards are and I still don’t think LMG has gone over to the side of evil.

Now they’re stepping back, taking the time to make amens (I hope they really give that company they shafted a much needed boost for instance, as a bare minimum) and we should be here for that.

If you’re just here to whine, fine. But don’t think you’re adding to the conversation or saying anything meaningful, because you are in fact just trolling.

Again, try and have some understanding. It’s very important for us to do that, because secterianism and feudes will in the end hurt the community, and also the consumer, because we have to stay on top of this.

taanegl ,

This is the contentious part and also why I left Fedora.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better community, better support or even a more innovative bunch. Besides RedHat’s involvement, Fedora has been in the vanguard for desktop technologies like PipeWire, Flatpaks, Wayland, heck they were one of the first to push systemd.

But my problem is that since RedHat holds sway over the Fedora leadership we cannot guarantee that the community will have the users best interests at heart.

So when people say “use a community distro”, they mean a non-captured one.

And again; Fedora is awesome, the community is awesome, been using it for years, but switched to NixOS like a month ago because I don’t trust the direction RedHat/IBM is taking Fedora.

Most likely they’ll push some of these projects to Fedora, make them maintain the projects, then some years down the line sell those projects as apart of their service.

There is a conflict of interest here and a clear opportunistic angle. RedHat wants to use the Fedora community as a free of charge testing grounds, in effect creating a userbase of free QA testers for future software.

This is predatory, it is an insult to the community, but the community is captured, and therefore will play ball with RedHat. This is the problem. If the community would give some assurances and protections, that would be nice, but so far it seems the Fedora community is more than willing to play ball with IBM/RedHat.

taanegl ,

Seems like a lot of these “performance enhancing features” simply ignored security principles or tried to sidestep them, only for the features to introduce glaring security hole in the overall ISA, forcing people to then sidestep the supposed performance features so that it never mattered to begin with.

Are Intel, AMD and others pulling a fast one on us for the sake of gaining positive benchmarks?

taanegl ,

Mmm, so refreshing…

…I helped the unibomber.

Oh snap.

taanegl ,

Europeans when Americans tell them that compulsory taxes are evil as they dive through boxes upon boxes of printed receipts looking for that one dinner at Wendy’s they want to file as a business expense.

Like dawg, tax month? Is it the month you get to decide what to do with your tax refunds? Smh.

taanegl ,

Luigi: “Mario, I think the mushrooms are kicking in.”

taanegl ,

Another fríggin’ Ubuntu distro. Can’t somebody just commit to Debian instead… please?

Meanwhile, in NixOS land: Image

What Does The Norwegian Meta Behavioral Ads Ban Really Mean? ( www.searchenginejournal.com )

The order on July 14 by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority imposes a country-wide three-month ban on personalized and behavioral ad targeting against Meta, starting August 2023. This means advertisers may see higher costs and lower relevance....

taanegl ,

Like throwing a swimming pool into the ocean.

Lemmy Defederation Sync (LDS) to keep your block list up to date ( github.com )

Hi all, I’m a Lemmy FOSS app contributor that’s made a couple of tools for people starting small instances including Lemmy Community Seeder (LCS) for building content on new server’s All Feeds and Lemmy Post Purger (LPP) for clearing old posts on smaller instances....

taanegl ,

I’m going to found a user community for it! I’m kind of cooky, so I’ll name it “the church of LDS”. Surely nothing litigious will happen.

Jokes aside, great work :)

taanegl ,

I pronounce it in a French way, like Le`stat.

taanegl ,

Definitely r/OldPeopleFacebook material.

taanegl ,

Perhaps they are so expensive because it’s AM5. Like if AM6 is an overhaul to increase bandwidth and cut costs? That’s a win. We have been blessed with how long they produce these sockets. It’s a stark contrast to Intel.

But yeah, if there is little to no reason to go from AM5 to AM6 m, then I agree.

taanegl ,

Hachi Machi! He looks like Jon Lovitz if you spray painted his hair orange…

It stinks!

taanegl ,

Uh oh. Penguin Common House is going to throw a fit that they can’t resell you a book in the public domain. Maybe they should sue the Internet Archive harder and also continue to lobby against public libraries.

This is a reminder: fuck Penguin Common House. Stop buying their books.

taanegl ,

My dude, if you find you need to “babysit” Fedora or Ubuntu, I’m kind of doubting your tech literacy - i.e the basic level of tech literacy you need to operate macOS or Windows with.

And also, just because something is UNIX doesn’t make it good. Shout outs to HPUX.

Also, Apple is tracking you on macOS and iOS, similarly to Google and Microsoft. They call it telemetry, but are you SURE they don’t collect identifying information and canvas you?

taanegl ,

Then you are far above the threshold, because Ubuntu desktop and Fedora desktop are easy and widely supported by hardware nowadays. No tinkering necessary.

taanegl ,

If it’s a an expected country code, answer the phone.

If it’s an unexpected country code, leave it alone.

taanegl ,

Sigh… Guess we gotta copyright the human body and face. I fucking hate this timeline.

taanegl ,

Thus the tradition was carried over from the dark place. Go back? Namaste.

taanegl ,

It’s not just about being DOOM players. It’s a long running joke in the programming and engineering world. Wether it’s a fridge, a toaster, a decommissioned 1970s super computer… can it run DOOM?

It’s the computing world’s version of a shitpost.

taanegl ,

Absolutely fitting. Remix that ish so Nintendo can’t sue. LES GOOOOO!!

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