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Software Engineer by day, aspiring beet farmer by night.

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Pixel 9 Pro 5K Renders and 360 Degree Video Provide First Look At Google’s Flagship

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OpenHaystack is a framework for tracking personal Bluetooth devices via Apple's massive Find My network. Use it to create your own tracking tags that you can append to physical objects (keyrings, backpacks, etc



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A Sneak Peek at new linux distro Zorin OS 17



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20 countries from four continents launched the Declaration to Triple Nuclear Energy by 2050


"Endorsing countries include the United States, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ghana, Hungary, Japan, Republic of Korea, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom. "


Where to turn to if I need books that are paywalled behind overly expensive academic portals?

I need some books paywalled behind Oxford Politics Trove and they aren’t on Anna’s lib, Zlib, Libgen, Memory of the World, Aaarg, or the Internet Archive. Not sure to whom else to turn to. I hate that knowledge like this is paywalled, and I highly doubt the authors will be paid if I pay the highway robbery of a price.

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