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‘Greedflation’ study finds many companies were lying to you about inflation (fortune.com)

In April, Société Générale economist Albert Edwards released a scathing note saying he hadn’t seen anything like the current levels of corporate greed in his four decades working in finance. He said companies were using the war in Ukraine as an excuse to hike prices in search of profits....

Republicans Are on the Verge of Delivering Putin a Big Christmas Gift (slate.com)

In a tense game of chicken, remarkable for its mix of petulance and audacity, congressional Republicans are threatening to halt U.S. aid to Ukraine—guaranteeing a Russian breakthrough and possible victory in that war—unless Democrats help pass a bill that all but locks down America’s Southern border....

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The answer is that conservative thinking is driven by fear. It's not that liberals don't fear things, it's that liberal thinking isn't driven primarily by fear.

Texas Threatens Doctors After Judge Says Woman Can Get Emergency Abortion (www.rollingstone.com)

“The temporary restraining order granted by the Travis County district judge purporting to allow an abortion to proceed will not insulate hospitals, doctors or anyone else from civil and criminal liability for violating Texas’ abortion laws,” Paxton said in a statement shortly after the judge’s decision. “This includes...

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At least she's willing to point out the blatantly obvious, unlike a lot of people.

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It's a good piece and I think the analysis is largely accurate. But there's one thing I think Kagan missed: Trump isn't the only would-be dictator who could take power. He lists DeSantis and Haley as the closest competitors to Trump within the Republican Party, but he doesn't point out that even if, by some miracle, one of them becomes the party nominee, they would assume the very same dictatorial powers Trump is threatening to wield. Neither of them is going to defend democracy when offered the reins of tyranny, and both could easily hold power for decades. Trump maybe has a single decade at most.

The problem isn't simply Trump wanting to be President for Life. The problem is that the path has been cleared for any Republican to assume that role the next time one is elected. Project 2025 won't work for Trump only. The next time we have a Republican President, expect it to be the last time we have a fair election.

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Sounds like sour grapes to me. But I’m sure the real reason he’s so upset is because he got caught and has lost prime opportunities for grifting.

How Popular Does Biden Need to Be to Beat Trump? Not Very. (nymag.com)

Given the current state of partisan polarization, it’s unlikely Biden can get majority job approval next year even with the most fortunate set of circumstances. But the good news for him is that he probably doesn’t have to. Job-approval ratings are crucial indicators in a normal presidential reelection cycle that is...

The Supreme Court case seeking to shut down wealth taxes before they even exist (www.vox.com)

The plaintiffs’ arguments in Moore v. United States have little basis in law — unless you think that a list of long-ago-discarded laissez-faire decisions from the early 20th century remain good law. And a decision favoring these plaintiffs could blow a huge hole in the federal budget. While no Warren-style wealth tax is on...

The Next Republican President Has a Plan to Ban Abortion Nationwide Without Congress (slate.com)

The story behind Heritage’s claim begins in the 19th century, with the passage of a sexual purity law that was interpreted to make it a crime to mail or receive items intended, designed, or adapted for abortion. Exactly what the Comstock Act said or meant, not least when it came to abortion, was unclear at the time it passed....

Apple’s China ties under Congressional scrutiny after Jon Stewart cancellation (arstechnica.com)

Last month, a person familiar with the matter told The New York Times that Stewart told his staff that the cancellation came after “potential show topics related to China and artificial intelligence were causing concern among Apple executives.” Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Stewart felt “hamstrung” by...

Trump campaign defends Nazi-era "vermin" threat with another incendiary threat (www.motherjones.com)

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung pushed back on those condemning the former president’s choice of “vermin” to attack his opponents, telling the Washington Post that critics “who try to make that ridiculous assertion are clearly snowflakes grasping for anything because they are suffering from Trump Derangement...

Trump Allies Plot to Stock Government With Up to 54,000 Loyalists (www.rollingstone.com)

Trump is clearly not happy with many of his key hires during his first term in office, regularly slamming former lackeys like Attorney General Bill Barr, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and National Security Adivser John Bolton. Axios reported in 2022 that Trump planned to ensure the loyalty not just of his high-profile appointments,...

Internet providers say the FCC should not investigate broadband prices (arstechnica.com)

Internet service providers and their lobby groups are fighting a US plan to prohibit discrimination in access to broadband services. In particular, ISPs want the Federal Communications Commission to drop the plan's proposal to require that prices charged to consumers be non-discriminatory....

AOC Challenger Helped Lead Encrypted Chat Group Filled With Proud Boys And Racial Slurs (talkingpointsmemo.com)

TPM has been reviewing the “OperationFlagDrop” channel since late last month. Several of the accounts that participated in the group appear to have been deleted and conversations there indicate that some individual messages were removed. We endeavored to reproduce all of the posts quoted in this story as close to their...

You Have a Right to Know Why a Health Insurer Denied Your Claim. Some Insurers Still Won’t Tell You. (www.propublica.org)

Federal law and regulations require insurers to hand over exactly this sort of information in response to a written request. And they have to do it fast: Most people who get insurance through an employer should get the records, called claim files, within 30 days....

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Pardon me, but I’m going to steal this from you wholesale. This is too good to not re-use.

Voters aren't fooled by Republican lies on abortion — and Democrats are benefiting at the ballot box (www.salon.com)

Republicans haven’t backed off their anti-choice views. Instead, the’ve tried to bamboozle the voters into thinking that Republicans aren’t as radical as they really are. Republicans have played word games, hoping that by rebranding with terms like “pro-baby” or bullying journalists into using the “limits” instead...

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A vote for a Republican is a vote for misogyny, bigotry, racism, authoritarianism, and class warfare on the side of the rich and powerful. There isn't a single Republican leader looking to move the nation forward, only backward to preserve the privileges they're losing.

If you know this and you vote for them anyway, you're an asshole. If you didn't know this and were just voting for them because that's how you were raised, here's your opportunity to not be an asshole.

Trump Is Actually Guilty of the Kind of Bribery Republicans Imagine Biden Did (nymag.com)

The New York Times reports that Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt privately recorded his intentions to give Donald Trump money in order to advance his business interests in the United States. Pratt wrote, “If Potus is having his election party at mar Lago I’ll book as many rooms as available,” because doing so would not...

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Stop threatening it. Anyone else would already be behind bars right now. Follow through.

Study: 100% of meat and dairy companies have lobbied against environmental and climate policies (medium.com)

All 10 of the largest U.S. meat and dairy companies have lobbied against environmental and climate policies, resisting climate regulations, including rules on greenhouse gases and emissions reporting. This is according to a study by New York University, which examined the political influence of the 10 largest meat and dairy...

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I think it’s the notion that punching Nazis is not only acceptable, it’s necessary. Democrats have not initiated widespread violence against democracy, not the way Republicans have embraced it. Democrats are preparing to defend themselves, and are waiting for Republicans to initiate another civil war.

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At no point have I framed all Republicans as Nazis. But to deny that Nazis have embraced the Republican party and the party has no problem with them in leadership roles is to deny reality.

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You can assume all you want. That remains your problem, not mine. My statement stands.

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I'm going to point out that this article is posted in "The American Conservative." Of course they're not going to point out that Republicans are playing fast and loose with the rules. Ethics and legality are secondary considerations to gaining and keeping power.

From Francis Wilhoit:

Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit:

There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.


The right is getting weirder about sex (www.salon.com)

Close watchers of the MAGA movement have been chronicling the alarming escalation of both violent intimidation and overt white supremacy in recent weeks. Donald Trump, of course, now begs his followers on a nearly daily basis to murder his perceived enemies. But the rhetoric is spiraling, with people like Fox News host Greg...

The impact of the wave of strike activity goes far beyond the 2024 election: A revitalized labor movement could lead to a fairer economy for decades to come (www.epi.org)

Last week, both President Joe Biden and Donald Trump traveled to Michigan. Many in the media cast these visits as similar efforts to woo union voters for the 2024 election. But that is mostly wrong or misleading....

The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Can’t Stop Falling for Phony Plaintiffs (slate.com)

Access to mifepristone—a commonly used, safe, and effective abortion pill—is back in the hands of the Supreme Court. Last month, the Biden administration asked the justices to step in after a panel of judges on the famously reactionary U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit further constrained availability of the...

Two right-wing judges seem to be trying to rig a US House race (www.vox.com)

Two of the most partisan judges in the country handed down an order last week that is hard to explain as anything other than an attempt to preserve Republican control of the US House of Representatives. The voting rights plaintiffs in this case, known as In re: Jeff Landry, already filed an emergency application in the Supreme...

Reddit forces personalized ads, starts X-like user payment program (arstechnica.com)

Reddit rolled out some changes this week as its continues its push for revenue and profitability jumpstarted by its API rule changes in July. Among the most controversial, the company will no longer allow users to opt out of ad personalization based on their Reddit activity and started a program that lets users exchange virtual...

Allegations against Rudy Giuliani and Russell Brand show sexual abuse is a selling point for MAGA (www.salon.com)

"Sometimes, it's who you most suspect." That's what a friend of mine texted to a group chat after the Sunday Times, the Times and Channel 4 Dispatches released a disturbing investigative report documenting rape and other sexual allegations against British comedian Russell Brand. The actor denies the allegations, but...

CEO pay slightly declined in 2022: But it has soared 1,209.2% since 1978 compared with a 15.3% rise in typical workers’ pay (www.epi.org)

Summary: CEO pay dipped in 2022 but remains enormous compared with the pay of other workers. CEOs are granted massive compensation packages by corporate boards because of their bargaining power, not because of their skills. CEOs’ exorbitant payouts have far outpaced the pay of typical workers over decades.

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